Study Abroad

Many aspects of entomology deal with insects exotic to the U.S. As a part of Purdue University’s globalization efforts, entomology encourages its undergraduates to participate in the College of Agriculture's Study Abroad or other programs. Learn to work with Africanized bees in Honduras. Study long-horned beetles in the forests of France. In this year alone we have had students study abroad in Australia, Honduras, Wales, and England. In the past three years we have had entomology students in New Zealand, Japan, France, Poland, and Russia. Next year Entomology will lead a four-week program to England, Wales, and Netherlands to study pest management in organic and conventional farms. All of these programs include courses which are directly applicable to your Purdue Entomology plan of study. In most cases the cost of studying abroad for a semester is about the same as being in residence at Purdue. Also for some programs scholarship money is available.

Other Study Abroad Courses