Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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Undergrad Research Opportunities

Corteva Agriscience is seeking Crop Protection Discovery and Development (CPDD) Field Sciences Interns to participate in a 3–6-month internship! Corteva sponsors a variety of internships in agricultural research across many field research locations in the Central US, including the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. These research locations conduct crop protection product characterization activities. As a CPDD Field Sciences Intern at one of our research locations, you will have the opportunity to obtain diverse experiences across crop protection product development.

A dedicated and organized Research Project Manager is being sought as part of the new VectorED Network, a CDC-funded Training and Evaluation Center (TEC) based in State College, PA. Primary responsibilities will include overseeing day-to-day operations, managing The VectorED Network website, and facilitating communication and coordination among various stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, fellows, interns, contracted institutions, and regional partners in public health departments, pest control, veterinary professionals, and universities.

The Department of Entomology is seeking a Research Technologist to support a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) research study focused on parasite control on poultry. This role will be responsible for independently implementing research protocols, product administration, data collection, and analysis. The primary focus will be on studying various parasite control and monitoring methods, conducting experiments, and assisting with data collection and interpretation.

The Research Entomologist position at the USDA Forest Service; Pacific Northwest Research Station is open [07/25/2023 – 08/16/2023]. This scientist is a Research Entomologist in the Insects, Pathogens, & Stressors (IPS) Team. The Research encompasses natural resource management issues relevant to natural/anthropogenic disturbances, invasive plants, and damaging insects/diseases.

(Summer) The Landscape Ecology & Biodiversity lab is hiring 1 – 2 undergraduates for full-time work this summer to help with lab and/or field work in southern California river corridors and Indiana state forests.

kaplan lab tech ad 2023

(Summer) The Kaplan ecolab is hiring 3 undergraduates for full-time work this summer to work on multiple projects focusing on pest management, crop pollination, and insect biodiversity. Tasks include collecting data in the field (e.g. pollinator surveys) and laboratory work (e.g. processing traps, pinning insects, gut content analysis, data entry). Applicants must have a flexible schedule, a valid driver's license, and the ability to work early mornings and weekends.

(Summer) The Harpur lab is seeking a full-time undergraduate research assistant to work with their team over the summer, with the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks related to honey bee research.

mosquito-control-technician-job-posting-2023.jpg(Summer) The Marion County Public Health Department is looking for mosquito control technicians, as well as two positions to be filled in their mosquito lab. This position can be considered an internship for undergraduate degrees, as per the health department's accomodations.

(Summer) Penn State's Frost Museum is seeking to hire a summer intern. The intern will join the Frost Entomological Museum for the summer focusing primarily on digitizing museum records associated with herbivorous insects, especially aphids and their host plants. Secondary efforts include specimen collection and preparation, public engagement, and other collection tasks.

(Summer, Fall, Spring) Support Extension staff in monitoring and compiling Program Evaluations for Extension programs (e.g., 4-H Jr. Leaders, ServSafe, Field Days, Rainscaping) in the College of Agriculture. Use spreadsheet template to track evaluations across all programs, documenting program details. Create survey links in bit.ly account, and generate evaluation instructions document from template. Pull together evaluation results reports (screenshots from Qualtrics and posting in WORD template). Send emails to Extension staff on the progress of the evaluation.