Internships available to students in the Entomology Department range from very formal programs such as the six-month program at Walt Disney World or a summer internship in Japan to less formal programs working for local, national, or international companies during summer months. In most cases participating students will be working for companies in activities related to agriculture/pest control. Students are hired by companies to conduct supervised research, education activities, sales or other activities. Salaries are usually quite good, ranging from $1400 to $2500 per month. In some cases housing is provided or subsidized. As a general rule students participating in programs for which they are being paid cannot receive academic credit for such activity.

​In early October each year an Ag Career Day is held in which more than one hundred companies come to campus to talk to students about summer and career opportunities in food, agriculture and natural resources-related fields.


Student Employment

Many part-time jobs are available within our department working for faculty and professional staff of entomology. Jobs for students during the academic year are important for three reasons.

  • First, they provide income for students.
  • Second, they give students the opportunity to observe up close and participate in the activities of entomologists in research, extension, and teaching. Nearly every faculty and staff member have jobs appropriate for undergraduates of entomology.
  • Third, working in a dedicated and concientious manner for a faculty or staff member provides a much-needed name as a reference for future jobs.

All too often students find themselves w​oefully lacking appropriate references for their résumés and other documents requiring comments from a prior employer. Salaries vary with experience but are commensurate with those offered by other on-campus and off-campus jobs. Students need not be Work Study eligible to be considered.

Contact Amanda Wilson or if you have specific interests, the specific faculty or staff member, is the first person to contact about such job opportunities.

Please visit our Employment section to see if there are any opportunities for you or e-mail our Faculty that works in a area that interests you. You can also visit Purdue university's student employent website.