Depar​tment Seminars​ - Spring 2022

Seminars are scheduled on Wednesdays from 10:45-11:30AM Eastern Time with a Q&A session at the end of each presentation. Most seminars will be virtual events (webinars) this semester, and a few seminars will be in person at Whistler Hall room 116 (WSLR 116). All Purdue Department of Entomology personnel will be sent a link to each webinar prior to the date of the event. Anyone outside the department that would like to be notified of upcoming webinars can subscribe to the entm.seminars listserv. Most of our virtual seminars are recorded and will be made available in a YouTube playlist shortly after the date of each seminar.

*The Jan 12 seminar will begin at 11:15AM due to a scheduling conflict.

Date - Location Presenter Seminar Topic/Area of Interest
Jan 12 - WSLR 116* Lt. Adam Salyer, Navy Entomology Center of Excellence US Navy Entomology Perspectives from the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence
Jan 19 - Zoom Dr. Steve Heard, Dept. of Biology, University of New Brunswick Charles Darwin's barnacle and David Bowie's spider: What can the names of species tell us about science, and scientists?
Jan 26 - WSLR 116 Dr. Andrew Nuss, Agriculture, Veterinary, and Rangeland Sciences, University of Nevada Reno Insect olfactation and neuropeptides: from bloodsuckers to sapsuckers (Grad Student Special Seminar)
Feb 2 - Zoom Dr. Adam M. Rork, Purdue Entomology Defensive Chemical Evolution in the Carabidae with an Emphasis on Benzoquinone and Acid-producing Taxa
Feb 9 - Zoom Dr. Maria V. Murgia, Purdue Entomology Development of assays for the discovery and assessment of novel chemistries for vector control
Feb 23 - WSLR 116 Dr. Keith Delaplane, Dept. of Entomology, University of Georgia Multiple mating and social evolution in the honey bee
Mar 2 - N/A *Seminar Cancelled*
Mar 9 - Zoom Dr. Benjamin Taylor, Purdue Entomology Plasticity in social insects: from genes to phenotypes
Mar 16 - N/A *NO SEMINAR* *Spring Break*
Mar 23 - N/A *NO SEMINAR* *North-Central Branch ESA Meeting*
Mar 30 - Zoom Dr. Shubha Subramanyam, Purdue Entomology/USDA-ARS A Duel Till Death with a 'Cereal Killer': The Wheat-Hessian Fly Saga
Apr 6 - Zoom Dr. Buck Trible, FAS Quantitiative Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University The molecular basis of caste development and evolution in ants
Apr 13 - N/A *Seminar Cancelled*
Apr 20 - Zoom Dr. Dezene Huber, University of Northern British Columbia Our continuing journey into the forest of bark beetle functional genomics
Apr 27 - N/A *Seminar Cancelled*


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