A landscape architect is part artist, engineer, environmentalist, salesperson, and business manager. Landscape architects combine an artist’s creativity and inventiveness with the science of sustainable land management and the engineering of site structures, hardscapes, and land grading in a business setting. They design and plan new communities, parks, shopping developments, urban public spaces, and other outdoor environments.
Student observing the garden through a rectangular cardboard cutout.
  • Work where art and engineering come together, and become a leader in sustainable design.
  • Learn to integrate sustainable systems into urban environments.
  • Design future places where we work and play.
  • Complete a 40-week paid internship, gaining work experience on real projects.
  • Be among the majority of our seniors – 86 percent! – who return for their final year at Purdue with job offers from their co-op firm.
  • Graduate from one of the few undergraduate programs that industry-respected DesignIntelligence consistently ranks in its top 10.

Plan of Study

Top 10 Nationally
Top 10 Nationally

Purdue Landscape Architecture Ranks in the Top 10 Nationally.


1 in 2 Purdue Horticulture Students Received Scholarships.

1000+ Student Clubs and Organizations
1000+ Student Clubs and Organizations
Top 10 Nationally
Top 10 Nationally

Purdue Landscape Architecture Ranks in the Top 10 Nationally.


1 in 2 Purdue Horticulture Students Received Scholarships.

1000+ Student Clubs and Organizations
1000+ Student Clubs and Organizations

Career Opportunities

  • School and college campuses
  • Corporate and commercial grounds
  • Public gardens and arboreta
  • Green roofs
  • Historic preservation and restoration
  • Hotels, resorts, golf courses
  • Hospital and other facility sites
  • Interior landscapes
  • Land planning
  • Landscape art and earth sculpture
  • Monument grounds
  • Parks and recreation
  • Land reclamation and rehabilitation
  • Residential sites
  • Security design
  • Streetscapes and public spaces
  • Therapeutic gardens
  • Transportation corridors and facilities
  • Urban and suburban design
  • Water resources

Program Information

Purdue and non-Purdue students wishing to transfer into the Pre-Landscape Architecture program must meet the following criteria:
  • A minimum of two semesters and 24 credit hours must have been completed in the students previous major.
  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5 must have been achieved at the conclusion of those two semesters, excluding lower grades for any repeated courses.
  • Commencement of studies in Prelandscape Architecture is restricted to the fall academic semester only. An academic advisor interview is required. Completion of LA 101 is strongly encouraged but not required prior to initiating a CODO request.
  • Application deadline is the end of the spring semester for admission in the following fall.

Students who have completed some portion of their landscape architectural studies at other institutions may be eligible to transfer directly into the Professional Landscape Architecture program. Applicants will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Availability of facilities.
  • Evidence of academic credits equivalent to the course content of the Purdue University Prelandscape and Landscape Architecture curriculum and evaluation of grade point average in those courses.
  • A portfolio of design and graphic work from courses equivalent to the content of the Purdue University Prelandscape and Landscape Architecture curriculum.
  • An essay concerning professional goals.

Transfer students who successfully meet these requirements will be placed accordingly in either the fall or spring semester of the second or third year of study, based on an audit of equivalent landscape architectural coursework completed prior to transfer.​

Landscape Architecture at Purdue is program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture degree (BSLA). This program is five years time-to-degree, consisting of four years of academic, on-campus study and one year (approximately) of co-operative internship.

The program is fully accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) and will next be reviewed in Fall 2022.

Students who apply to Purdue and are accepted by the university enter the first year of the program, called Pre-Landscape Architecture. At the conclusion of the year, students who have been academically successful (2.5 GPA overall; 3.0 in Landscape architecture courses) are admitted to Professional Landscape Architecture, up to a maximum of 30 students yearly, for second through fifth year.


The Mission of the Purdue Landscape Architecture Program is to educate future professionals. Purdue Landscape architecture will educate graduates for professional careers in landscape architecture, through creative design, technology, and research, contributing to environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Our Vision is to lead the future of landscape architecture. Purdue Landscape Architecture will achieve national recognition as a leader in charting the interdisciplinary futures of multiple careers in landscape architecture

This mission and vision will be accomplished by the following educational goals:

Goal-1: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Excel in teaching and learning with breadth and depth of curriculum founded on landscape architecture theory and practice, enriched by real-world application of knowledge and skills.

Goal-2: Nationally Acclaimed Discovery

Nationally acclaimed discovery—encompassing research, scholarship, and creative activity—that defines the dimensions of the landscape architecture program, its faculty, and students.

Goal-3: Engaging in Community Development

Contribute to enhancing quality of life through engagement in community development, and educating the public about the role of landscape architecture in society.

Goal-4: Ethical Climate of Diversity and Inclusion

Enhance and sustain an ethical climate of diversity and inclusion toward a culture of collegiality supporting the career goals and potentials of all members of the program.


The majority of students use the Pre-Landscape Architecture year to gain a better insight into the profession of Landscape Architecture. In the 2021-2022 academic year, 21 students were admitted to Pre-Landscape Architecture; five of those students later changed their degree objectives to other majors or left the university. This is both typical and an expected outcome of the Pre-Landscape Architecture year. This attrition, however, was offset by eleven students who transferred into Landscape Architecture after beginning coursework in another major.

Students who begin their studies at Purdue in a different major may be admitted to Pre-landscape Architecture during the subsequent summer and take the LA 106 Accelerated Foundations Studio to “catch up”. Successful completion of this course (3.0 GPA) allows the student to advance to the Professional Landscape Architecture Program.

Rolling five-year average of pre-landscape architecture students who continue to the professional landscape architecture program: 91.2%

Nine students from the second through fifth years have left the Purdue Landscape Architecture major over the past four years resulting in a 90.5% overall retention rate in the professional program.


Estimated tuition costs may be calculated at:

Estimated on-campus housing costs may be calculated at:

The cost of books and materials varies greatly by semester depending on course requirements, studio type, external course books and materials, etc. On average, students should plan for $250-$300 in additional cost each semester.

Costs may be offset by scholarships awarded by the University, College, and Landscape Architecture Program.



Department and LA Program:

In addition to internal scholarships, Landscape Architecture students often receive scholarships supported by outside organizations with allied interests. Some of these opportunities can be found at the department scholarship page (link above).


The 2021-2022 Senior class enrollment was 21 students. Of the 21 students, 20 were granted BSLA degrees. The remaining student is continuing to complete their degree requirements which were not met.

The number of BSLA degrees conferred each year for the past five years:

  • 2022: 20
  • 2021: 16
  • 2020: 11
  • 2019: 15
  • 2018: 15

Rolling Five Year Average of degrees conferred: 15.4 degrees granted per year

Rolling Five Year Average of timely (within 6 years) graduation: 96.1%


Of the 20 students who received BSLA degrees in 2022, all 20 have reported receiving full-time positions in landscape architecture or are currently pursuing graduate degrees.

Rolling five-year average rate of students finding employment in landscape architecture or pursuing graduate education within 6 months of receipt of Purdue BSLA degree: 100%


For the academic year, 2021-2022, the demographics of the Purdue Landscape Architecture Program were as follows:

  • Total number of students in program: 93
  • Male: 40 students, 43%
  • Female: 53 students, 57%
  • In-state (Indiana resident): 56 students, 60%
  • Out-of-state (non-resident US citizen) 27 students, 29%
  • International: 10 students, 11%
  • Under-represented minority (URM): 10 students, 11%


The Purdue Landscape Architecture Program measures student achievement based on data generated by our ongoing program of monitoring student outcomes and the metrics necessary to quantify student achievement. Our outcomes and assessment program encompasses 77 distinct skills and abilities as defined by the ASLA’s Body of Knowledge and the Purdue Landscape Architecture Mission Statement.

Exceptional academic performance is recognized and acknowledged with the following award programs:​

  • ASLA Certificates of Honor and Merit (up to four awarded)
  • Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar Program (one awarded)
  • The Don Molnar Scholarship for outstanding cooperative employment experience (either one or two awarded)
  • The Doug and Tracy Hoerr Scholarship for achievement in Planting Design (one awarded)
  • Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior in the Landscape Architecture Program (one awarded per each year)
  • Outstanding Senior Capstone Project award (one awarded)
  • Outstanding Designer award (one awarded at first, second, and third- year levels)

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