Undergra​​duate Curriculum

A total of 120 credits are required for graduation for students beginning fall 2013 or later.

Biochemistry majors take courses in the following areas:

  • Biochemistry (25 credits)
  • Biology (23 credits) including Science Selectives
  • Chemistry (20 credits)
  • Physics (8 credits)
  • Math (9 credits)
  • Communications (10 credits)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (18 credits)
  • Orientation (1 credit)
  • Unrestricted Electives (6 credits)

Plans of study must also include College core requirements

  • Multicultural Awareness (3 credits)
  • International Understanding (9 credits)

University core requirements

  • Behavioral/social science (1 course)
  • Quantitative reasoning (1 course)
  • Humanities (1 course)
  • Information literacy (1 course)
  • Oral communication (1 course)
  • Science (2 courses)
  • Science, technology & society (1 course)
  • Written communication (1 course)

These requirements can usually be met by courses within the plan of study; additional coursework is seldom required.

Biochemistry students often choose to minor in another subject. A minor can be selected from the sciences, foreign language, liberal arts, or many other areas.

Biochemistry is an excellent preparation for many different career paths in the sciences. Many of our students continue on to graduate, medical and professional schools, including pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Biochemistry pre-vet and pre-med students should follow a slightly different plan of study from other biochemistry majors.

Plans of study