BCHM Safety Committee Members

  • Karyn Rodkey
  • Sherry Honn
  • Smiriti Hoda
  • Josh Zahn
  • Jaime Turner
  • David Snell (OISC)

Department Safety Documents

BCHM Calling Tree

BCHM Building Emergency Plan Quick Reference

BCHM Building Emergency Plan

BCHM Near Miss Report Form

What constitutes a near miss? A near miss is a safety-related incident that does not cause personal injury, damage to equipment or buildings, or require the discharge of a fire extinguisher. This form is not only for laboratory personnel. All faculty, staff, and students should report any mishap. Print and complete the form. Once completed, give the report to someone in the Main Office, room 120.

Emergency Assembly Areas Location is the Food Science Building Lobby


CHP Online Training

Laboratory Training Initial:

Go to this website and perform the training modules for:

  • Emergency and Fire Preparedness
  • Purdue-University Lab Safety Fundamental 2021

Please print proof of this online training and take to your PI.

NOTE: Once you have completed these training modules, go to your PI and ask for specific lab training to include:

  • Lab specific CHP
  • Lab specific Hazard Assessment review
  • Lab specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Laboratory Training Annual Refresher:

Please go to this website and perform the training module for:

  • Laboratory Safety Refresher

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

Generic Chemical Hygiene Plan: Print out the form under Appendix A and take it to your research lab's principal investigator (PI) to discuss laboratory-specific safety.

Hazard Communication Online Training

Select The Link for 'Awareness Training' at the bottom of the table and complete the online training and print a copy of your training certificate for the departmental training binder along with a copy to the BCHM main office

Hazard Communication – Non Lab Safety Training

All Non-lab employees should watch this safety video and submit the qualtrics survey. Once they and their supervisor receive the training verification email, this should go into our Haz Comm employee training file.

Hazard Communication Standard / Right-to-Know (Haz Comm)

PPE form, print and complete with your designated safety delegate

Various Safety Forms

Safety Committee Meeting Minutes