Mentoring and Professional Development Resources

Faculty Mentoring

ADVANCE-Purdue is an institutional transformation project that targets recruitment, retention, and advancement of women STEM faculty at Purdue University. The mission of ADVANCE-Purdue is to conduct research and evaluate PCFS's programming, structure and institutionalization, and to institutionalize PCFS as a vibrant center integrated into the fabric of Purdue.

ADVANCE Purdue and the Center for Faculty Success (Faculty Advancement, Success and Tenure) is advancing the success of newly hired assistant professors by providing strategies and tips to guide participants through the critical first years. With insight from experienced professional, participants gain the resources and confidence necessary to progress as professors and scholars.

Biochemistry Faculty Mentoring Policy

College Resources and Information for Faculty in Agriculture provides information about promotion and tenure, awards, committees, and policies.

The Department of Biochemistry will help support the tuition of faculty and staff interested in courses aimed at professional development. Some opportunities include On-Site Training by the American Chemical Society (ACS)

Faculty must navigate many transitions over the arc of their careers. New assistant professors find themselves on a steep learning curve putting together their scholarly programs and managing their teams. As programs grow, teams get larger and faculty must learn to nurture collaborations and entrepreneurial ventures. To address these needs, the College of Agriculture and Purdue University offers opportunities for faculty development and training to become effective leaders. More information HERE

Model Proposals

NIH Model Proposal

NSF Model Proposal

DOE Model Proposal

ACS Model Proposal

ARP Model Proposal

Showalter Model Proposal

Pardee Foundation Model Proposal

Postdoctoral Mentoring

Purdue Postdoctoral Association (PPDA) was founded in 2009 and the mission is to improve conditions for postdoctoral researchers that are appointed and/or hosted by Purdue. The primary goals of the PPDA Council include professional enrichment and development of postdoctoral researchers at Purdue; to have a platform for social and professional interaction among postdoctoral researchers and between postdoctoral researchers and the body of students, staff and faculty at Purdue; to clearly define and communicate the postdoctoral status at an institutional level and to promote awareness of the contributions of postdoctoral researchers to Purdue University and science in general.

Graduate Student Mentoring

Biochemistry Graduate Program Guidelines is provided to all students as a resource of information about the biochemistry graduate program.

Staff Mentoring

Employees and their supervisors can take the next step together in employee development by incorporating online learning courses available through Linked In Learning or completing the American Management Association (AMA) courses available through our SuccessFactors Learning. They can even use the Talent Share job rotation program to gain hands-on experience through a different department. Many of our employees have taken the next giant leap and have successfully pursued a degree program through Purdue Global. All of these opportunities can become professional/career development goals for performance appraisals. More Information HERE

MaPSAC was established in 1988 to build a formal communication link between A/P staff and the central administration. APSAC is composed of members who are representatives of administrative and professional staff from all segments of the campus community, including the regional campuses. The intent is to contribute to the mission of the university as a whole by building relationships with the administration and with constituents.

CSSAC was established in 1965 to serve as a means of representative participation for the clerical and service staff at Purdue University. CSSAC serves as the voice of the clerical and service staff, making Purdue a better place to work.