Botany & Plant Pathology

Plant and microbial biology helps address challenges facing us in the 21st century and beyond…

Our research on plants and microbes helps: protect the environment, apply genetic knowledge to improve plants, manage natural resources, control weeds and diagnose plant diseases.

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Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Lilly Hall of Life Sciences, Room 1-446
915 Mitch Daniels Boulevard
West Lafayette, IN 47906
(765) 494-4615

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Featured Story

Featured Story

Cade Kane in landscape
Following up with a Fulbright scholar: Cade Kane

“You're facing to the South and see the open ocean, nothing between you and Antarctica, but from behind, you're surrounded by mountains. It’s a beautiful place to live,” Cade Kane, a PhD candidate in Purdue’s...

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Julia Peterson in the mesas of Arizona.
Finding beauty in the mess—the perspective of a botany and art double major

A low, whirring hum fills your ears as you step into the building. As your eyes adjust to the...

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Field with tar spot
Fighting Tar Spot, A New Foe for Farmers

The strange black circles began appearing on corn leaves in Indiana’s Cass and Carroll...

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Close Up of Tomato Seedlings in Science Carrier
Tomatoes in spaceflight: A giant leap for human (and plant) kind

Space calls out to us to explore and possibly discover a second home. But how will humans ...

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plantago plant in greenhouse
Science IRL Features Agronomy Research on Plantago

YouTube channel Science IRL's latest video features Dr. Cankui Zhang's lab and their...

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The NCERA-137 Multistate Research Group accepts award for their work on soybean pathology.
The North-Central Region Research Alliance on Soybean Diseases accepts the 2023 National Excellence in Multistate Research Award

As a land-grant university, one of Purdue’s missions is to research relevant issues in...

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Yuan Chichien works in botany lab with plants.
$1.1 million grant to fund research on molecular response of plants to environmental stress

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $1.1 million grant to Purdue University’s...

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