Purdue University Mycologists & Botanists

Portrait of Dr. Joseph C. Arthur
Herbaria Director M. Catherine Aime (2012–Present) and Aime Lab alumnus Dr. Jorge Díaz-Valderrama

Throughout its history, Purdue University has maintained a staff of botanists, mycologists and plant pathologists whose work is renowned worldwide in their respective fields. Most recognizable are the men honored by the Herbaria collections, Joseph C. Arthur and Ralph M. Kriebel. Additionally, their students, colleagues, and the professionals of today have made Purdue University a touchstone for pioneering research in mycology and plant pathology.

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Joseph C. Arthur

PUR Director (1887–1915)

George B. Cummins

PUR Director (1938–1970)

Joe F. Hennen

PUR Director (1971-1986) Herbaria Director (1986-1995)

John S. Karling

Head of Department of Biological Sciences (1948–1958)

Herbaria Staff

Current and previous Herbaria Staff