Insect Biology is the major for students who like to work with insects and want to learn a combination of field and laboratory biology skills that are required to solve many important challenges in today's world. Our graduates have become leaders in industry, state and federal agencies, independent business owners and even university professors.

The Undergraduate Insect Biology Major Provides:

  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Study abroad programs
  • Internships with professionals in the field
  • A capstone experience mentored by a faculty member

Because the number of students in the Insect Biology major is small, it's like a small college experience in a large research university! Our high faculty-to-student ratio means we know your name, and can help you reach your goals.


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Amanda Wilson
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40% of undergrads study abroad
Undergraduate research with a faculty mentor
Internships on the field with professionals
40% of undergrads study abroad
Undergraduate research with a faculty mentor
Internships on the field with professionals

What Do Insect Biologists Do?

grow food Agricultural Insect Biologists work with farmers to find ways to manage insect pests and protect their crops, while simultaneously protecting beneficial insects.
save lives Medical Insect Biologists find ways to prevent insects from spreading diseases, at home and abroad.
help animals Veterinary Insect Biologists work with zookeepers, ranchers, forest rangers, and veterinarians to help protect animals from dangerous insects.
understand nature Insect Ecologists study insects and other animals in their habitats, which helps us preserve and restore natural ecosystems.
discover species Insect Taxonomists conduct field studies to discover new insects. They also identify insects to species to verify if they are invasive or pest insects.
save our forests Forest Insect Biologists specialize in insects that harm plants and forests and study ways to prevent and control them. Entomology helps keep our forests healthy.
fight crime Forensic Insect Biologists help police by examining the bodies to find insects, which may provide clues about the time of death.
protect quality of life Structural Insect Biologists study ways to keep insects out of buildings, and invent ways to get rid of them if they do get in.

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