The Grand Old Man Of Purdue University And Indiana Agriculture

Cover of book The grand old man

Great people lead great universities. Purdue University is fortunate to count its 13th faculty member, William Carroll Latta, as one of those people. Certainly, 13 proved to be a lucky number for Purdue and agriculture in Indiana.

This book recounts William Latta’s far-reaching influence on agriculture at the university, throughout Indiana and on a national level. Recognized as the Father of the School of Agriculture and of Extension at Purdue, Latta was an early and tireless promoter of the university and what it could do for the people of the state. From developing the four-year agriculture program and conducting practical agricultural research prior to the creation of Purdue’s Agricultural Experiment Station to leading Purdue’s agricultural outreach efforts to bring the university to the people, Latta’s contributions are still evident in Purdue’s modern-day agricultural programs.

Latta’s story traces the history of agriculture at Purdue, showing agriculturists, historians and the Purdue community where we’ve been and the foundation upon which we continue to build today’s teaching, research and Extension programs.

Proceeds from the sale of this book support the W.C. Latta Scholarship fund at Purdue University.


6 × 9
404 pages
ISBN 1-55753-395-4


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