Animal Sciences Distinguished Alumni Awards

Nominations for the 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award is now closed. Please check back in Fall 2024 for the 2025 nomination packet.


Criteria for Selection

Nominees will have earned a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree in Animal Sciences from Purdue University. Nominations for the three Distinguished Alumni Awards will be based on years since receiving their first degree from the department and will include Early Career (2008-2018), Mid-Career (1992-2007), and Lifetime Award (1991 and before). 

The nomination packet must include a completed nomination form, the nominee's vita or resume, and a one-paged typed letter of nomination. The letter of nomination should describe the nominee's accomplishments. This description should include how the nominee contributed significantly to industry, academia, governmental service, or other endeavors as exemplified by leadership, community service, and professional accomplishments. 


For more information 

Please contact Marion Welsh ( or 765-494-4808)

2024 Awardees

2024 ansc distinguished alumni flyer with team photos and credentials



Lifetime: Gerald "Jerry" Nickel
Mid-Career: Brian Bowker
Early: Jolena Waddell

Lifetime: Paul Brennan, Dr. Kenneth Cummings, and Dr. Todd Winters
Mid-Career: Laurene Lonnemann, Dr. Jim Reecy, and Dr. Noel Williams
Early: Nicole Roberts

2021 - awards suspended due to COVID-19

Lifetime: Dr. Mark Hilton and David Nichols
Mid-Career: Jeff Leininger, Dr. Penny Riggs, and Jody Roth
Early: Amanda Minton

Lifetime: Tom Gillespie and Russell Hardin
Mid-Career: Mark Brubaker, Anna Dilger and Ryan Dilger
Early: Pam Boocher

Lifetime: Dennis Marple
Mid-Career: Ryan Millett, Christie Bielinski
Early: Danielle Hunt, Woody Nichols


Lifetime: Charles & Margaret Carter, Tom Troxel
Mid-Career: Rebecca Schroeder
Early: Josh Crabb, Rachel Cumberbatch

Lifetime: Ross Jabaay, Ronald Randel 
Mid-Career: John Eggert, Janet Lynch-Rippe
Early: Janelle Deatsman, Sarah Wagler

Lifetime: John Cleland, Max Judge
Mid-Career: Terry Hayhurst, Ron Scott
Early: Stacy Herr, Darryl Ragland

Lifetime: Erick Metzger, Larry Miller
Mid-Career: Maurice Eastridge, Byron Ernest
Early: Thomas Weber

Lifetime: Bud Harmon, Steve Nichols
Mid-Career: Jack Odle, Andy McVay
Early: Orville Haney, Liane Hart

Lifetime: Gene Eisen, Don Gentry, Stanley Poe
Mid-Career: Dale Griffin, Greg Inskeep
Early: Amy Kelsey

Lifetime: Timothy Blosser, Howard Unger
Mid-Career: Jeffrey Veenhuizen, Geoffrey Waldbieser
Early: David Hardin, Heather Hill

Lifetime: Bill Baumgardt, Lawrence Muller
Mid-Career: Patricia Houghton, Kirk Klasing
Early: Bradley Lawrence, Matt Wilson

Lifetime: Eddie Creighton, Wayne Perry, Jesse Shively
Mid-Career: Malcolm DeKryger, Alan Mathew
Early: Peter Hanebutt

Lifetime: Bob Cherry, Martin Stob, Bob Totusek
Mid-Career: Chris Knight, Jerry Malayer
Early: Scott Thompson

Lifetime: Joe Pearson, Walt Waitt
Mid-Career: John Madia
Early: Jody Roth

Lifetime: Hobe Jones, Bob Peterson, Mauri Williamson
Mid-Career: Terry Fleck, Angela Siemens
Early: Barbara Lintzenich

Lifetime: Frank Clark, Thomas Means, George Thrasher
Mid-Career: Roy Riggs, Gary Weber
Early: Christie Chavis, Brian Demos

Lifetime: Robert Book, Gary Cromwell
Early: Todd Ripberger, Kristen Whittington

Jeff Luckman