Animal Sciences Related Clubs & Organizations

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Animal Related Clubs and Organizations

Advisor - Dr. Paul Ebner - 

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Advisor - Dr. Marisa Erasmus - 

The Block and Bridle Club is composed of a group of students interested in animal agriculture. Meetings and livestock related activities are held on a regular basis. Any Purdue students may join, regardless of major or background.  Please see website for more information, or email us with any questions.

Advisor - Dr. Jon

Co-Advisor - Hattie Duncan -

"The mission of the Purdue dairy club is three-fold. Firstly, to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for students who are interested in or involved with the Dairy industry to come together and interact with one another, sharing our knowledge and experiences and fostering connections and community. Secondly, the Purdue Dairy club hopes to provide opportunities for our members to enrich themselves through hands-on experiences within the dairy industry, attending educational seminars and conferences, and in-club leadership opportunities. Our last and most important mission is to promote the dairy industry and the hard working people who work in it as well as educate the public at large about the ways in which the Dairy industry, of which the United States is the world leader, impacts our economy and our lives. We view education as the most critical part of our club, and we achieve this through community service and club organized events."

The Dairy Club is comprised of students at Purdue studying a variety of disciplines, yet all having a general interest in dairy production, management, and dairy processing. 

Why should you join?

  • To network with professionals in the dairy industry
  • To meet students with similar interests and a passion for the dairy industry
  • To attend educational seminars and unique conferences across the Midwest
  • To participate in the annual Purdue Dairy Showmanship Contest
  • To build your leadership skills as a committee chairperson or an officer

Advisor - Dr. Jackie Boerman –

The Purdue Equine Assisted Programs club, or PEAP, is a forum for students interested in the principles of equine assisted programs (EAPs), through the human-animal bond.  EAPs use the characteristics of equines to aid in the learning and development of people with diverse needs. The interdisciplinary nature of EAPs encourages interest in areas including animal and veterinary science, biomechanics, kinesiology, animal welfare, business management, psychology, and special education. 

Our mission is to promote fellowship among EAP enthusiasts, to promote excellence and service of EAPs in the area and across the country, and to become active in other horse-related events within the interest of the club members, including a working dedication to encourage the longevity of horse programs at Purdue.

Advisor - Ashley York - 

Advisor - Katherine Dilley -

Helping Paws is a Purdue University student organization dedicated to bettering the lives of animals in need. Through volunteering with Pawswap at the NCISN shelter and by coordinating fundraisers for animals and organizations, we enhance animal lives. We make weekly trips to the shelter and exercise, train, and socialize the dogs with hopes of making them more adoptable. We work to raise awareness for these animal causes in the community. Help us help them!

Advisor - Donna Lofgren -

Advisor - Dr. Luiz Brito -

Indiana Farm Bureau seeks to be an effective advocate for farmers and through it's policies and programs, promote agriculture and improvethe economic and social welfare of member families. Collegiate Farm Bureau will offer opportunities for students in leadership and citizenship engagement encompassing career develpment, service learning, scholarship assistance and professional networking.

Advisor - Tyson Mcfall - 

Purdue Collegiate 4-H is a student-run organization that serves the local community, promotes leadership development, and assists the Indiana 4-H program. We also give students the opportunity to socialize with people of similar backgrounds and upbringings. We are the 4-H members you grew up with. It is basically all the fun of traditional 4-H without the projects. We love the opportuntiy to meet new people and share our love for 4-H with others so there is no previous 4-H experience required to be in Collegiate 4-H. Come check it out!

Advisor - Steve McKinley -

Advisor - Kelly Delp -

The main purpose of PET is to expose interested Purdue students to horses and to the sport of riding, regardless of experience. Students are able to take hunt-seat riding lessons through the club to learn to ride and to take part in intercollegiate horse shows and social activities. Many students participate in the team as nonriding members to interact with horses, which, in itself, is the best part of the sport!

 Members of the club are highly involved, whether it be through lessoning, showing, attending social events and fundraisers, or attending monthly meetings. Meetings include club updates as well as fun activities and guest speakers.

Advisor - Dr. Sarah

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The Purdue Goat Club is a student-led organization dedicated to inspiring, informing, and involving students and others in the goat industry through events, activities, and service within our club, Purdue University, our state, and the global community. For millennia around the world goats have provided nourishment from milk and meat, goods from fiber products, farm support in terms of their use in transportation, cultivation, and as pack animals. The Purdue Goat Club members are committed to learning more about goats and the goat industry – past, current, and future – as well as learning how we can support their use and development to support needs of people both locally and around the world.

Advisor - Dr. Luiz Brito -

Advisor - Dr. Stacy Zuelly -

President - Elliot Westrich -

The purpose and mission of the Purdue Poultry Club is to promote and help further the interest of avian sciences through support of the poultry industry, fancier exhibitors and species preservation.

Advisor - Dr. Gregory Fraley -

Advisor - Dr. Darryl Ragland -

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The purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. To promote fellowship among team members.
  2. To promote excellence in western equestrian competition.
  3. To develop team spirit and camaraderie among members of the organization.
  4. To promote and become active in other horse-related events and activities that lie within the interest of the organization and are consistent with these bylaws.

The Purdue Western Equestrian Team is a student-run organization composed of about fifty horse-loving Boilermakers. We compete across the region in Western Horsemanship with our teammates, coach, and horses. Outside of competition, we spend time together during our lessons at the barn and at our team events. Through PWET, many of our members have forged life-long relationships with fellow teammates and our horses.

Team members are not required to have their own horse or any prior riding experience before joining the team. We have eight team horses ready for riders of any level, and we always encourage inexperienced riders to get involved in both the showing and non-showing aspects of the team.

Advisor - Kathryn Van Ness -

The Wildlife Society (TWS) is an international organization committed to the advancement of wildlife science and management.

Activities of the Purdue chapter vary year to year but have a common goal of increasing our members' understanding of wildlife biology, management, and science through hands on experiences and invited speakers. Previous speakers have included professionals from USDA Wildlife Services, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Indiana DNR, and Purdue University.  Previous activities include building nesting structures for wildlife, a wildlife quiz bowl, and trips to look for birds and amphibians.

The field of wildlife biology is an important and diverse field.  The Purdue Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society helps educate future professionals on current research and management techniques, provides its members with many opportunities to network with professionals, and educates those members through fun hands-on work in the outdoors.

All students interested in wildlife management and research are encouraged to get involved with this great organization!

Our chapter is associated with the Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR).

Advisor - Elizabeth Flaherty -

The Zoological Society provides students the opportunity for hands on exotic animal experience and interaction. Every two weeks we bring in a speaker who has had exotic animal experience.  We also try to help students make contacts within the exotic animal industry through career fairs, zoo trips and tours, and volunteering at rescue and rehabilitation facilities. The overall goal of the organization is to allow students to understand the diversity of jobs in the zoo and wildlife field while they are still in school. 

Advisor - Dr. Alex Pasternak -

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Advisor - Jarred Brooke -