Figure 1. Young male with his rifle holding a dear that he just hunted
Figure 2. Forest with colors from the Fall
Figure 3. Young male holding a dear that he just hunted (holding by its horns)


SEPAC access area is designated as public property

Regarding firearm use on public property reference the DNR link below select equipment and scroll down to "equipment on public land"


The Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC) promotes development and dissemination of knowledge and stewardship of Indiana's natural resources. One way this goal is achieved is by managing the property for opportunities for research and education as well as sustainable use.

Wildlife is one of many important natural resources found at SEPAC. This resource will be used extensively in the research and demonstration efforts of the staff and faculty of Purdue University. Detailed monitoring and management of the wildlife will be an ongoing effort.

Hunting has been approved on approximately 1600 acres as a legitimate use and management tool for SEPAC. Some species of wildlife can be hunted year after year with beneficial effects. Other species may benefit from no hunting. Currently all species listed in the 2022-2023 Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide are available to hunt.

The Office of the Director or Purdue Agricultural Centers (implemented by the Superintendent of SEPAC) will maintain discretionary authority regarding wildlife that can be hunted, specific activities that will be allowed, and parcels of land that can be accessed.

Other natural resource activities conducted on SEPAC will also require access permission. These activities include but are not limited to mushroom hunting, bird watching or hiking.

Procedure to Hunt and Access SEPAC

There is a daily check-in station (kiosk) located in front of the SEPAC main office. The new procedure for those using the property will be as follows:

  1. Individuals accessing the property agree to fully comply with the Hunting and Access Permission Agreement.
  2. Visit Check-in Station prior to utilizing SEPAC for hunting or other activities.
  3. Fill out information on Hunting or Access Sign-in sheet.
  4. Take a Daily Hunting or Access Card. The top portion of the card should remain with you at all times while on SEPAC property. The bottom portion of the card should remain on the dash of your vehicle.
  5. Return the top portion of your Daily Hunting or Access Permit to the mailbox located at the Check-in Station in front of the SEPAC main office or Drop Box located by Muscatatuck boat ramp area.


Hunting and Access Permission Agreement (PDF)

SEPAC Public Access and Parking Map (PDF)

SEPAC Boundaries (PDF)

SEPAC Boundaries Google Earth (KMZ)

Edge Feathering at SEPAC (PDF)

Questions about this policy should be directed to:

Don Carlson

Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center

4425 East 350 North

Butlerville IN 47223

(812) 458-6978