Student Testimonials

What is the ASEC graduate experience? A few students have shared their perspectives with us.

"I am so honored to be apart of the ASEC department! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! I use to assume that ASEC was just about education but soon realized it is so much more with lots of diverse opportunities! The one thing I admire most about this department is that it caters to the individual interest of every student! This allows everyone to study what they are truly passionate about, reach their highest potential, and attain professional goals." Miranda McGuire. MS student from Greentown, IN

"The ASEC Graduate Department is filled with students, faculty, and alumni who are committed to making sure every student achieves their unique career goals. It did not take me long to feel like I was at home here." Stephen McBride, Doctoral Student, Tennessee

“ASEC has offered me such unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study. I am fortunate to be a part of a great academic family that has taught me so much!” Matthew Kararo, Doctoral Student, Illinois

“ASEC is a place one would not miss being part of. I was warmly welcomed by staff from the department on the day of my arrival…I had my first outing to one of the faculty’s house for dinner with his family, which made me feel at home. Interaction between advisors, teachers, other staff members and the other grad students is just so good that the environment make me relax—excellent for learning.” Yakosa Tegha, Masters Student, Malawi, Africa

“At first I thought that ASEC was all about education but I have realized that it is about everything agriculture and I am enjoying doing agricultural extension. I am gaining knowledge in all aspects, horticulture, animal science, natural resources, etc. The coordination between professors, students and everyone who work in ASEC is awesome. Everyone is so friendly.” Chimwemwe M Chisenga, Masters Student, Malawi, Africa

“My ASEC experience has been wonderful! The entire department has been extremely welcoming and helpful and my advisors are top-notch!” Krystin Bodden, Masters Student, Texas

“The department’s culture is very welcoming and no one remains a stranger for long” Alee Lynch Gunderson, Doctoral Student, Tennessee

“My last year experience as a Master’s student at ASEC inspired me to work on my PhD degree today. Working on and teaching about experimental science back home taught me that there is a need for enhancing students learning in science starting at early ages. What makes ASEC unique is the life science education area which is taught by a scientifically trained group of faculty that collaborates with their departmental colleagues who have advanced degrees in educational methodology/pedagogy. Having also a bachelor degree in agriculture and natural resources, the agricultural education and extension component of ASEC offers me the context that I was looking for my research interest which is to contribute to the use of agriculture as a way to teach life science in Chilean elementary schools.” Cecilia Espinoza Morales, Doctoral Student, Chile

"ASEC has been a great fit for me because of the diversity of opportunities available such as working with other departments and faculty, attending conferences, and having flexibility in what research I do." Melissa Voigt, Doctoral Student, Minnesota

“ASEC has prepared me for my future by offering classes that are relevant to my career goals, while giving me career development opportunities. In my first semester here I have been given the opportunity to present at a national conference, as well as attend training seminars and represent the department in campus-wide volunteer opportunities.” Lindsay Myers, Master’s Student, Indiana

“ASEC is a good representative of fulfilling the land-grant mission. It serves disadvantaged groups and strives for benefits of Indiana communities. Also it emphasizes knowledge-based research and exploration.” Qi Ding, Doctoral Student, China

“Interacting with faculty in ASEC has really given me the experience and insight into how an academic community functions. The mentorship I have received from faculty and staff has helped me to reach my highest potential as they provide support to assist me in attaining my professional goals.” Bekah Nortrup, Master’s Student, Indiana

"For me, ASEC is a perfect description of a round peg in a round hole. The department checks all the boxes about my areas of career interest."  Oluwatosin Benjamin Fakunle, Master’s Student, Nigeria