Career Opportunities

A degree in biochemistry provides an excellent foundation for professional success in a wide variety of disciplines. Many of our graduates go on to obtain professional degrees from medical schools or veterinary schools, which highly value the molecular expertise provided by biochemistry coursework. Other graduates pursue further degrees such as a Masters or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) to be competitive for specialized careers in industry or to teach and/or do research in an academic setting such as a university. Another popular option for our graduates is to immediately accept a job in industry. Agricultural and pharmaceutical industries hire biochemists to discover, develop, test, evaluate and market products that improve food production or that assure human or animal health. Biotechnology discovery firms also hire biochemists to use genetic engineering and the tools of modern molecular biology to help solve problems in health and food production. These positions are frequently both professionally and financially rewarding. Importantly, we provide many opportunities for our students to directly interact with potential future employers during their time at Purdue.

Our program emphasizes the “hands-on” skills necessary for success in a laboratory setting. Our curriculum also emphasizes the critical thinking skills necessary for engaging in a career based on science. To​ achieve these skills, we emphasize educational experiences that fall outside the typical classroom experience, including independent laboratory research and training our students how to educate themselves from the original scientific literature. This type of training is relevant to professional success in many careers beyond those traditionally associated with science. As a result, some of our students successfully pursue careers in professions such as intellectual property law or at governmental agencies that promote human well-being internationally.

To see the career paths that some of our former students have chosen, please visit our Alumni site.