So you w​ant to CODO to Biochemistry...

Before you begin the CODO (Change of Degree Objective) process, it is important to understand what is required to graduate with a degree in Biochemistry. Spend some time investigating our major. Our website is a good place to start. You will want to understand the required curriculum. Core courses in the biochemistry program of study are CHM 115, 116, 255, 256; BIOL 231; BCHM 361, 462. Students wishing to CODO to biochemistry must have earned a grade of C- or better in CHM 115 (or CHM 12901), and must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher in at least 12 credits at Purdue University. Biochemistry students are expected to earn grades of C- or better in all core courses that they have taken.

In addition, all Biochemistry students must do a capstone research project. This requires students to work on an independent project with a faculty member, then present their work to the department before graduation.

If you feel that Biochemistry is the right major for you, begin the CODO process:
  • Check to be sure you meet the minimum requirements to CODO to the College of Agriculture
  • Schedule a meeting with the Biochemistry Undergraduate Program Administrator, Heidi Fornes (, to go over your academic record and to outline a tentative plan of study as a Biochemistry major.
  • Start the CODO process with your current advisor.
  • Respond to the request for a meeting/or to complete a survey from the College of Agriculture. If you meet the requirements, the Head Advisor for the College will approve your CODO.
  • Indicate your approval of the CODO process when prompted in myPurdue.
  • After your CODO is processed in the Office of the Registrar, you are officially in your new college/school beginning with the term indicated. The deadline for CODO submission is the end of the second week of the term. Any CODOs processed after the second week will be effective for the next term.​