Natural Resource Social Science Labs

International crop, Natural Resource Social Science.

Each year, the Natural Resource Social Science lab sends out thousands of surveys, conducts numerous interviews, and interacts with people in many ways to further our understanding of the social dimensions of natural resource management and land use planning. The lab is equipped with statistical software packages, qualitative data analysis software, survey design software, GIS, recorders, transcriptions machines and a survey quality printer. Natural Resource Social Science students and staff.

Human Dimensions Lab

The Human Dimensions Lab is to create knowledge that improves individual and organizational capacity to make sustainable resource management decisions and adapt to environmental change at various scales. This research consists both quantitative and qualitative research methods, including conducting surveys, focus groups, and interviews, conducting document analysis and policy inventory, and using econometric models to understand individual decision making processes.

Research faculty

Lab Manager & More About Our Research

Chelsea Silva (Human Dimensions Lab)
Human Dimensions Research Coordinator
195 Marsteller Street
W. Lafayette IN 47906

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Allied research centers seek to support and enhance the research and partnership enterprise at Purdue University. The centers are valued and encouraged as they create a venue for faculty to come together to pursue common goals. Forestry and Natural Resources faculty and staff are involved in six centers at the University.

The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources maintains an impressive collection of state-of-the-art research and education facilities. These labs, green houses, and educational facilities are a fundamental component that enables our faculty and students to learn, make new discoveries, and engage our clients in using these discoveries to sustain our nation’s ecosystems and natural resources.​