Wood Research lab


The Wood Research Laboratory​ is located in the Forest Products Building located on the Purdue University main campus. 

Display showing uses of various wood productsThis laboratory addresses timely research and technology transfer topics in the areas of product and process engineering of wood based products; wood composites; and the use, reuse and care of wood in historic preservation and restoration.

Take the tour of the Hardwoods of the Central Midwest and find descriptions and images of each species of wood along with grad, history, color and strength.

Facility features

  • Model 40 Thermwood CNC router
  • Controlled environment room housing
  • An electro-hydraulic, computer controlled 55-kip MTS testing system
  • A 30-kip universal testing machine with computer-based data acquisition capability
  • A 60-kip universal testing machine
  • Computer simulation facility for process engineering of furniture
  • Structural performance tester of furniture and cabinets
  • Computer-based NDE facility
  • Many one-of-a-kind testing and test support apparatuses, e.g., computer-aided dimension measurement Station and linear variation measurement instrument
  • Walk-in, controlled environment chambers
  • Zeiss light microscope and access to electron microscopes
  • Complete specimen preparation shop.

Facility Use

Students, staff, and faculty must go through safety training to use the Wood Research Lab (WRL). We use a website called OpenPassport for the initial training. You can watch the following Instructional WRL Video to learn how to use OpenPassport. Then go to OpenPassport to begin the training process. Once there use the Purdue log in and open the The Wood Research Lab group. Then you will need to join The Wood Research Lab group. Watch the General Safety video and take the challenge. Then you need to accept the pending badge. After receiving the General Safety badge, you may work on the tool badges. After receiving the General Safety and tool badges, come to the lab and take a “use” test with Dan Bollock (the WRL manager). By earning the badge and passing the “use” test you will gain access to that particular tool in the WRL.

Research faculty

Lab Manager & More About Our Research

Charlie Warner
Purdue University
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
175 Marsteller Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2033
Office: FPRD 105

Phone: (765) 494-9133 
Email: warner88@purdue.edu

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Allied research centers seek to support and enhance the research and partnership enterprise at Purdue University. The centers are valued and encouraged as they create a venue for faculty to come together to pursue common goals. Forestry and Natural Resources faculty and staff are involved in six centers at the University.

The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources maintains an impressive collection of state-of-the-art research and education facilities. These labs, green houses, and educational facilities are a fundamental component that enables our faculty and students to learn, make new discoveries, and engage our clients in using these discoveries to sustain our nation’s ecosystems and natural resources.​