Nelson-Stokes-Lewman Woodland

Nelson-Stokes-Lewman Woodland property plotter print off showing property boundaries.

Nelson-Stokes-Lewman Property is in the Central Till Plain natural region in Putnam County that is large enough to offer an excellent mix of several forest communities that represent various stages of stand development. It contains a total of 162 acres of hardwood forest bordered on the north by Raccoon Creek and is located approximately 5 miles west of the intersection of Hwy 231 and Hwy 36.

ResearchNelson-Stokes-Lewman Woodland property aerial view.

  • Forest Inventory
  • Long-term Forest Dynamics
  • Biodiversity
  • Management Plan (contact property manager)
  • Site is a valuable teaching and research site for students and the public


Map, Property Manager, & MORE ABOUT OUR RESEARCH

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