Throckmorton/Meigs Purdue Ag Center - Forestland​​

Forest trees with fall colors.

Throckmorton PAC is located in southern Tippecanoe County. The farm contains a total of 836 acres of which 184 are forested and managed by FNR. The forest tracts are split into 2 locations labeled Meigs North and Meigs South and are separated by just under a mile.

Throckmorton, Meigs south view landscape.Unique Features 

  • Stream runs through portion of Meigs south
  • Heron rookery located on the property
  • Good display of wildflowers in spring
  • Wetland mitigation acres created at Meigs north


Throckmorton Meigs North view drawn landscape.
  • 838 acres
  • Occurrence and Abundance of Acorn Weevils in Fragmented Landscapes
  • Effects of Landscape Pattern on Animal-mediated Acorn Dispersal and Seedling Recruitment.
  • Black walnut and red oak research trials. HTIRC
  • Growth Response of Planted American Chestnut Following Midstory Removal. Dr. Mike Saunders


  • FNR forestry capstone class has been uses the property.

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Forestland Property Manager
Brian Beheler
Phone: 765-496-5015 
Fax: 765-583-3512 

Soil, Crop, Fruit & Vegetable Production Research
Jay Young
Phone: 765-538-3422
Fax: 765-583-3512 
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