Welcome All New 2024 Ag Pathway Students to Purdue Agriculture!

On this page you'll find information necessary for you to transition to college life as a Pathway to Purdue Agriculture student. You will find five key sections in the page below: 

  • Contacts
  • Already Completed
  • Next Steps
  • Before the Semester
  • Final Recommendations

Please read through each section carefully to ensure that you complete ALL of the necessary requirements and become familiar with resources and information that will be helpful in your first year of college and beyond. 

Anytime you have questions or issues as an Ag Pathway student, please contact these specific people listed below (not general departments). All of these staff members are very familiar and knowledgeable about the Pathway to Purdue Agriculture Program. Contacting general departments can often cause unnecessary confusion and complications. If you do not know who to contact for a specific question or issue, please contact Rusty Nelson ( for assistance.

Purdue contacts
Phone Number
Pathway Program Rusty Nelson  765-494-8205
Admissions Kathi Ferrero   765-494-1776
Academic Advising Based on Intended Major at Purdue
Bill Payment Michelle Fulk  765-494-7575
Housing Avery Reese   765-494-1000


Pathway Program Kraig Bowers 765-269-5327
Admissions Sara Certano  765-269-5634
Academic Advising Kraig Bowers 765-269-5327
Financial Aid/Bill Payment Gabrielle Madison  765-269-5750

Review and double-check that you haven't missed anything so far.

  • Completed FAFSA - Be sure that your FAFSA lists Ivy Tech AND Purdue. As an Ag Pathway student, your FAFSA needs to have BOTH institutions listed.
  • Activated myPurdue Account - MyPurdue is your student account at Purdue. Your Purdue ID (PUID) and Career Account Setup Password are required to activate your myPurdue account. If you do not know your PUID (9-digit number starting with 03) login to the Application Portal, open your Admission Decision Letter, and your PUID will be listed at the bottom of the letter.
  • Activated Office 365 Account - Review the "New to Purdue" website; this webpage will help you get started and answer questions about Purdue information technology resources. 
    • How to Activate Your Career Account
    • How to Set Up Your Career Account and Email
    • How to Check Your Purdue Email
    • Contact Purdue Information Technology (PIT) for any Purdue Computer Technology Questions or Issues at or by calling 765-494-4000.

What to do in May and June. Don't wait, do these steps as soon as possible.

  • Submit your IvyPASS Survey - IvyPASS is Ivy Tech’s orientation program for all new Ag Pathway students. To enroll in IvyPASS, submit your IvyPASS Survey by May 2.

  • Attend IvyPass - This is a required orientation at the Ivy Tech – Lafayette campus on Thursday, May 16.

  • Register for Ivy Tech ClassesAfter IvyPass, meet with Kraig Bowers ( to register for your first semester classes at Ivy Tech. You must have your Ivy Tech class schedule before meeting with your assigned Purdue Academic Advisor (see Meet Purdue Academic Advisor info below).

  • Sign Housing Contract - If you choose to live in on-campus housing, your Housing Contract must be signed by May 20 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Prior to signing, please review the contract in its entirety. You should be notified by University Residences via email about your housing assignment on/around July 15 (check your Purdue email!). At that time, you will find out your assigned housing location and contact information for your roommate.

  • Complete Purdue 101 (required online orientation program for all new Purdue students) in Brightspace - Purdue 101 will open on Thursday, May 2, (so, that is the earliest you can begin). You must complete your Purdue 101 no later than Tuesday, May 16 (but the sooner the better!). At the end, complete and submit your Student Information Form – SIF in Brightspace to certify that you have completed Purdue 101.
  • Set Up Your Purdue Email - Visit the link and follow instructions to set up your Purdue email. Contact Purdue Information Technology (PIT) for any Purdue questions or issues.
  • Schedule Ag Pathway New Student Appointment - After completing Purdue 101, you will get an email to schedule a time to meet with Rusty Nelson ( via Zoom sometime before May 31 (check your Purdue email!). This appointment will be a time to ask any questions you may have about the program, getting started at Purdue, etc. Also, you will find out who your Purdue Academic Advisor will be during this appointment (you will receive their name and contact information).
  • Meet Purdue Academic Advisor - Academic advising appointments at Purdue typically begin around June 3. Your Purdue advising appointment will be when you find out the Purdue classes you will be taking your first semester at Purdue. You must meet with your Purdue Academic Advisor no later than June 28.
Note: All new Purdue students enrolling for next fall will receive their class schedules (classes/days/times/locations) on July 18 by 5:00PM (you will access your class schedule through myPurdue).

What to do sometime before classes start in August. 

REQUIRED: You must complete the steps listed below before the fall semester begins.

  • Complete New Student Task List in myPurdue.
  • Begin Checking Purdue and Ivy Tech Email Accounts (On a Regular Basis – at least a few times per week during the summer!)
  • Request Final, Official High School Transcript (Send Directly to - Note: The transcript must include your Graduation Date.

    Note: If you will not be able to fully pay your Purdue tuition and fees until your financial aid is disbursed at Ivy Tech, you must contact Michelle Fulk directly in the Office of the Bursar at Purdue (mfulk@purdue.edubefore the semester begins.

OPTIONAL: It is highly recommended that you complete the following steps before the fall semester begins.
  • Apply for Parking Permit on or around July 16 (DON'T WAIT!) if you will need to park a vehicle on Purdue's campus.
    • If living on campus in University Residences (Hawkins Hall or the UR Boiler Apartments), you will be applying for a parking permit to use at your housing unit.
    • If living off campus (at least 1.5 miles away from Purdue's campus), you may purchase a "C" parking permit.
    • If living in a Fraternity, Sorority, Cooperative House, or apartment within 1.5 miles of campus, it is your responsibility to secure parking through your housing selection.
  • Set Up Authorized User(s) (Authorized Users will not have access to your grades.) - Note: This is required for your parents or guardians to pay for all or part of your Purdue bill.
  • Contact Roommate (After you receive your housing placement on or around July 15.)
  • **Highly Recommended** Attend Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) from August 15-19. Note: Move-in for BGR participants is August 11-13.
    • Register to attend BGR in myPurdue 
    • Submit BGR Fee Waiver Application on the New Student Task List in myPurdue
    • Pay $375 BGR program fee in myPurdue
    • Registration, application for Fee Waiver (if needed), and payment to attend BGR are due by July 31.
  • Become Familiar with Academic Calendars

  • Do a "Practice Run" - Sometime during the week before the semester begins:
    • Print your Ivy Tech and Purdue Class Schedules
    • Go to each class location
    • Find where you will park for each of your classes
    • Track how much time it takes to get to your classes (to be sure you will be on time!)
    • Tip: Be sure you have an umbrella with you whenever you are going to classes (you don't want to get caught out in the rain)!
  • "Put Yourself Out There" - On Friday, August 16, we will have our annual College of Agriculture New Student Welcome (ALL new Purdue Ag students are invited to attend!). This is a great time to meet Purdue Ag staff and other new Purdue Ag students. You will be notified through your Purdue email (so don't miss it!).
  • Ask for HELP - Please don't be afraid to ask for help! The College of Agriculture is full of faculty, staff, and students who are ready and willing to give help whenever needed (especially for any new students). However, the only way for anyone to know that you need help is for you to ASK for it. So, as you begin in this program, be assured that you are NOT expected to "have all the answers" and we ALL want you to succeed!

see you soon!!