​Office of Industry Partnerships

With over 4,000 research labs on campus and over 470 active industry-sponsored research projects, few universities can match the breadth and depth of Purdue’s research enterprise. Through our long-standing connections to industry, our faculty are well-tuned to creating impactful innovations that are ready to advance products and processes to your competitive advantage. The Office of Industry Partnership possesses robust knowledge of Purdue’s expertise and resources and will be your navigator in identifying the optimal Purdue collaborators and working through the contracting process. Whether you have a short-term business challenge that needs addressed or a long-term vision that requires collaboration, Purdue has the expertise and experience to drive things forward.

Research Resources

To explore research opportunities with Purdue, please contact us at the Office of Industry Partnerships or reach out to one of our partnership directors. OIP looks forward to working with you to understand your needs and align them with the right resources on campus.

  • Central to Purdue’s research enterprise, information about the University’s defense innovation can be found here.
  • Strategic focus on life sciences at Purdue has created a convergence of expertise and facilities that consistently create impactful innovation.
  • Purdue is home to the 400-acre Discovery Park, a hub of state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to multidisciplinary research that addresses the world’s grand challenges.
  • A complete list of Purdue’s research centers and institutes can be found here.