USDA Crop Production Data & Information

USDA-NASS Indiana Crop and Weather Report

Weekly reports from the USDA-NASS Indiana field office which detail planting, crop growth, and harvesting progress and overall condition for Indiana.

USDA-NASS National Crop Production Estimates

Monthly reports from the USDA-NASS which detail crop production data for the U.S. including acreage, area harvested, yield, etc.

USDA-NASS State Agricultural Statistics

Various agricultural statistics for individual U.S. states produced by the USDA national agricultural statistics service.

USDA-NASS National Weekly Crop Progress Estimates

Weekly national reports from the USDA-NASS issued throughout the growing season detailing planting, crop growth, and harvest progress of selected crops in major producing states.

USDA CropScape

A crop-specific land cover data layer created annually for the U.S. using satellite imagery and agricultural ground truth.

USDA VegScape

A USDA-NASS web-service based U.S. crop condition monitoring system.

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