Crops Team


Who we Are

The Purdue Crops Team is a competitive group of students who want to acquire hands-on experiences and knowledge in preparation for careers in the seed, plant and agronomic business field.   Their contests involve plant, seed, and weed identification, grain grading, and seed analysis, and written evaluations and calibrations.                                                                                                                                        

How we prepare

Agronomy and Botany classes and independent studying help with our weekly evening practice sessions which aid in learning a multitude of seeds, crops and weed plants. Math and observation skills are heightened through planting calibrations and identification of diseases, damage and nutrient deficiencies.


We sponsor the Purdue middle/high school crops invitational CDE contest. We collect plants and prepare mounts, and make packets of seeds for identification used by educators in outreach, extension, schools and colleges.


We participate in National contests: SASES contests are held in the fall in Chicago, Kansas City and the National SASES meetings which will be held in San Antonio this year. The National NACTA contest rotates through various states during Spring semester as does the SASES regional meeting contest.  

How to join

Students can join by contacting coaches Corey Gerber or Jeff Bradford, or by registering for the crops judging class -  AGRY 39900ZE.

Why Join the Purdue Crops Team

  • Make new friends and meet people from around the country
  • Earn college credits and prepare for internships and future employment
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Learn about the seed industry while meeting industry professionals
  • Have fun!