Adebukola Dada

Adebukola Dada

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Q & A with Adebukola

Why did you choose Agronomy’s Graduate Program at Purdue?

As a farmer’s daughter who is fully aware of the challenges of soil infertility, I have always desired to find a solution to infertility to increase food production. This passion led me to pursue soil science up to graduate school. As for choosing Purdue, my master’s degree professor recommended Purdue to me as one of the big ten and because of their outstanding research and achievement in agriculture both in the US and the world.  

Briefly describe your experience as a graduate research assistant, specializing in soil and land use. 

I have been a graduate research assistant for the past four years and I have enjoyed every bit of it. My research involved selecting cover crop species that can help to build the soil organic matter and reduce nutrient loss thereby improving water quality. The agronomy department provided me with field and laboratory equipment and instruments which made my research easy and lots of fun. Purdue has a community life that develops you mentally, emotionally, and socially. 

What are your career goals?

I hope to become an academic advisor in soil science to provide training, guidance, and mentorship to future generations.

How have your interactions been with faculty and staff?

The Agronomy faculty and staff are welcoming, friendly, and always willing to help. During my research, I worked in several labs alongside my advisor’s and they were enthusiastic to help whenever I asked.

What are the strengths of the Graduate Program in Agronomy?

Research, Innovation and Teaching

What has been your greatest accomplishment while at Purdue?

Through my research, I was able to show that grass cover crops have the potential to reduce phosphorus loss from farmers’ fields to surrounding freshwater, thereby reducing water pollution.

What advice would you give an incoming grad student?

When you come to Agronomy, be open-minded, ready to learn, stay focused and always ask for help whenever you need one. Integrate yourself into community life to help balance your emotional and social life.