Responsibilities of Graduate Program Chairs & Council

Graduate Program Chairs in the College of Agriculture (CoA) are appointed by the head of their respective graduate program. It is the responsibility of the Graduate Program Chairs to implement all policies and procedures for their respective graduate programs, The College of Agriculture, and The Purdue Graduate School.

The Graduate Council in Agriculture is comprised of Chairs of Graduate Programs or a designee appointed by the heads of a graduate programs, one liaison member of the Purdue Graduate Council, one graduate student member of the College of Agriculture Graduate Student Advisory Council and the Associate Director for Agriculture Research and Graduate Education.

Responsibilities of the Graduate Program Chairs in the College of Agriculture:

  1. Maintain the overall academic integrity of their respective graduate program.
  2. Facilitate the development and adoption of relevant student learning outcomes and graduate program assessments and implement outcomes and assessments to the program.
  3. Facilitate periodic review of the graduate program to assure alignment with professional standards and the CoA conceptual framework.
  4. Facilitate data collection for graduate program assessment.
  5. Provide leadership for program reviews and development of action plans to enhance graduate education.
  6. Seek opportunities to enhance graduate student experiences.
  7. Seek opportunities for external support of graduate programs.
  8. Maintain updated recruitment materials and web sites for the graduate program.
  9. Facilitate the development of a graduate student recruitment plan.
  10. Facilitate recommendations concerning admission to the program.
  11. Provide leadership to best practices for graduate student mentoring and professional development.
  12. Provide assistance in monitoring student progress through the program and student placement.

Responsibilities of the College of Agriculture Graduate Council:

  1. Provide general guidance to the graduate program.
  2. Suggest, review, and recommend new graduate courses proposed by the faculty.
  3. Evaluate, on a continuing basis, graduate course work offered by the Instructional Departments of the College of Agriculture.
  4. Examine and make recommendations to the assembled Agricultural Faculty (in conjunction with the CSRC) on proposed changes in graduate course work, curricula, and degree requirements; and to ensure prompt attention to educational problems of graduate students.
  5. Consider and recommend new areas or degree programs for graduate study.
  6. Coordinate recommendations to the College of Agriculture for changes in graduate policies or regulations to the Purdue Graduate School.
  7. Coordinate graduate education programs and curricula within the College of Agriculture.
  8. Administer or give general guidance concerning standards of excellence for graduate programs.
  9. Make recommendations on graduate recruitment and retention and resource allocation for graduate education.