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Fellowship information can be found here. Any offer of admission using fellowship funds that is not accepted by April 15 will be returned to the ARGE pool and awarded to another eligible student.

Please note that right now many things are in flux regarding graduate fellowships that will be allocated to colleges including how many, limitations, etc. Therefore, below is just a guide given based on previous practices and what we know right now.

Information on Graduate School managed fellowships can be found here.

External Support

Several federal research agencies offer graduate (predoctoral) and postdoctoral research fellowships including: National Science Foundation; Fulbright; NASA; and National Institutes of Health (extramural program). 

Courses and Curriculog 

Propose new courses/request change to existing courses

Purdue University utilizes Curriculog to provide an electronic academic program and course approval system for creating, modifying, and accessing degree programs, individual courses, and catalog information.

All course and curricular changes that are available to undergraduates must be submitted to the CSRC for review. This includes all 5000 level and lower courses and certificates, etc. that include these courses.

Proposed course & curricular changes should be entered and submitted through curriculog here.

The Graduate Ag Research Spotlight highlights the accomplishments and unique qualities of our graduate students across the College. We will feature the research of one student from a different grad program in the College each month. The feature includes a professional photo that captures the essence of their research and succinct text that highlights a bit about their background, their research focus, and what ‘matters to them’ as part of their graduate experience. For the 12 month (because we have 11 programs) we may not run a profile or might highlight the outstanding (faculty) graduate mentor or another aspect of the grad program.

Students for the spotlight series would be identified by chairs of graduate programs and department heads. Our preference is to ‘spotlight’ students that embody unique qualities of our graduate student body, exemplify excellence, and are more senior students.

Recent Graduate Spotlight​s

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John Frigo


Who we are in Agricultural Research and Graduate Education

Agricultural Research and Graduate Education (ARGE) overseas the following areas of responsibility:

  • Federal Reporting (REEport and NRS), Federal Hatch and Multistate funds
  • Stakeholder relations (wine, mint, turkey, egg, soy, corn, sheep & wool)
  • Plan of work
  • Commercialization (Ag-celerator, Aspire)
  • PACs (Purdue Agricultural Centers)
  • Building & master planning and R&R
  • Research leadership and initiatives
  • Space
  • Preaward development
  • Core, CEPF, ICSC
  • Partnerships
  • Graduate education

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