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Feature Story

Feature Story

Dr. Mark Hall
Donation takes Summer Science Program to the next level

If you’re on Purdue’s campus in the summer, you may notice a group of students slipping out of the biochemistry labs late at night, looking exhausted yet exhilarated. These are the participants in the Summer Science Program (SSP), a...

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Biochemistry Recent News

Sarah Stanhope

Sarah Stanhope - Graduate Ag Research Spotlight

Sarah Stanhope likes investigating things: “I always asked a lot of questions,” she says. Inspired and supported by a...

Bob Auber presents from a screen titled "A Day in the Life." In the foreground, there are two graduate students watching.

‘Plants to people:’ Bob Auber’s path from the Center for Plant Biology to oncology

On Friday March 22, Bob Auber returned to Room 116 in Whistler Hall to stand behind a podium in front of a PowerPoint and keep an audience engaged...

Shannon Stirling working with petunias

Decoding the plant world’s complex biochemical communication networks

A Purdue University-led research team has begun translating the complex molecular language of petunias. Their grammar and vocabulary are well...

Screening samples in a lab

Purdue researchers explore noninvasive method for sampling drug response

Harnessing a pervasive type of cellular messenger shows early experimental promise as a routine way of sampling and monitoring the body’s...

Xing Liu and Kankan Wang use the Stop Flow Machine.

Breaking down the biochemical pathways of protein degradation

Proteins are more than just important nutritional units to track in your diet. They are encoded into our DNA and are the building blocks of all...