2024 FNR Poster Competition

Annually FNR holds a judged poster competition on the second Friday of April. During the event, undergraduate and graduate students present posters on their research and extension activities. This event for 2024 will be held on April 12. Cash prizes are awarded to the top posters in 1) undergraduate research, 2) undergraduate extension, 3) graduate research and 4) graduate extension.

For the 2022 year, undergraduate and graduate students entered 24 posters in the FNR Poster Competition on April 8, 2022. Thank you to all of the entrants, judges and attendees for making it a successful event.

For more information on the FNR Poster Competition, please contact the faculty leads: Dr. Mo Zhou and Dr. Rado Gazo. ADA-accessible PDFs of winning posters for this and previous FNR Poster Competitions are available by visiting Purdue Libraries at FNR Annual Poster Competition.

*Please note that all information presented in these research posters is based on preliminary analyses and should not be cited until the full work has been published in a scientific peer-reviewed article.

Poster Competition Guidelines

2023 Poster Competition

Undergraduate Extension

Alex Dudley & Summer Brown
Undergraduate Extension 1st Place Winner
Co-authors: Jarred Brooke and Mike Saunders
Title: Developing extension tools to promote prescribed fire

Undergraduate Research Placing

Greenley Goedde
Undergraduate 1st Place Winner
Co-authors: Spencer Gardner, Justin Meyer, Andrew Briggs, David Fielder, Paris Collingsworth, and Tomas Hook
Title: Elucidating factors affecting yellow perch recruitment in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
Grace Estep
Undergraduate 2nd Place Winner
Co-authors: Cameron Wingren, Bowen Li, Guofan Shao and Mike Saunders
Title: Accuracy and precision of digital forest measurements
Evan Kinnevan
Undergraduate 3rd Place Winner
Co-authors: Brandon Quinby, Curtis Creighton, Scott Comings, and Elizabeth Flaherty
Title: Tracking nature’s undertakers: applying kernel utilization densities to estimate niche overlap among co-occurring burying beetles

Graduate Extension Placing

Francis Asare
Graduate Extension 1st Place Winner
Co-authors: Rado Gazo and Francis Owusu
Title: Biochar research communications and strategies: a guide to the sustainable adoption of three kiln technologies

Graduate Research Placings

Jinyuan Shao
Graduate Research 1st Place Winner
Co-authors: Yi-Ting Cheng, Yerassyl Koshan, Raja Manish, Ayman Habib and Songlin Fei
Title: Major wood segmentation in forest point clouds with normalized intensity
Elias Gaffney
Graduate Research 2nd Place Winner
Co-author: Mike Saunders
Underplanted white oak (Quercus alba L.) seedling responses to light and competition gradients
Alex Fields
Graduate Research 3rd Place Winner
Co-authors: Alex Fields, Tomas Hook, and Paris Collingsworth
Title: Spatially and temporally heterogeneous trends in chlorophyll-a in Lake Superior from 2014-2018
Jue Mo
Graduate Research Honorable Mention
Co-authors: Dipesh Tamboli and Eva Haviarova
Title: Enhancing wood color with surface thermal treatment and artificial neural network
Spencer Gardner
Graduate Research Honorable Mention
Co-authors: Peter Alsip, David Bunnell, Paris Collingsworth, Mark Rowe, Edward Rutherford, Pengfei Xue, Xing Zhou, and Tomas Hook
Title: Coupled climate, hydrodynamic, biogeochemical and bioenergetic models to aid understanding of larval dynamics and recruitment in Lake Michigan

Past Winners & More Awards

Undergraduate Winner

1st Place:
Effect of Density on Growth Rates of Captive Eastern Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis)
Authors: Summer Brown, Shelby Royal, Nick Burgmeier, Dr. Rod Williams
Poster Abstract 

Graduate Research Winners

1st Place:
Resistance Against Walnut Twig Beetle (Pityophthorus Juglandis) in Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra)
Authors: Scott Gula, Dr. John CoutureDr. Matthew Ginzel
Poster Abstract

2nd Place (Tied):
Effects of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) on Amphibian Body Condition: Is Altered Lipid Metabolism The Driver?
Authors: Anna BushongTyler HoskinsDr. Maria Sepulveda
Poster Abstract

A Post Establishment Analysis of Various Thinning Decisions for Black Walnut Plantations
Authors: Sayon Ghosh, Dr. Mike Saunders, Jim Warren, Lenny Farlee, Liz Jackson, Dr. Jingjing Liang, Dr. Mo Zhou
Poster Abstract

Honorable Mentions:
Forests Migrated Faster Than Trees Across North America
Authors: Akane Abbasi, Christopher Woodall, Javier Gamarra, Cang Hui, Nicolas Picard, Thomas Ochuodho, Sergio de-Miguel, Rajeev Sahay, Dr. Songlin Fei, Alain Paquette, Han Chen, Y Han, Ann Catlin, Dr. Jingjing Liang
Poster Abstract

Is Toxicity of Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid Mediated by Salinity in Estuarine Larvae and Embryos?
Authors: Meredith Scherer, Lucy Burcham, Grace Coogan, Anna Bushong, Matthew Hamilton, Sini Machery, Elizabeth Allmon, Dr. Maria Sepulveda, Tyler Hoskins
Poster Abstract

Graduate Extension Winners

1st Place:
Promoting The Use of Advanced Technologies for Sustainable Charcoal and Biochar Production in Developing Countries
Authors: Francis Asare, Dr. Rado Gazo, Dr. Eva HaviarovaFrancis Owusu
Poster Abstract


Undergraduate Winner

1st Place:
Stable Isotope Analysis Can Monitor the General Health of Mussel Populations
Authors: Alexander Hicks, Nancy Boedeker, Brant Fisher, Casey Maynard, Elizabeth Flaherty
Poster Abstract 

Graduate Research Winners

1st Place:
Oil Induced Cardiac Effects in Embryonic Sheepshead Minnows, Cyprinodon variegatus
Authors: Elizabeth Allmon, Grace Walker, Robert Griffit, Maria Sepúlveda
Poster Abstract

2nd Place:
Hyperspectral Analysis of Tree Foliar Chemical and Physiological Responses to Abiotic and Biotic Stress
Authors: Sylvia Park, Lorenzo Cotrozzi, Geoffrey Williams, Mathew Ginzel, Michael Mickelbart, Douglass Jacobs, John Couture
Poster Abstract

3rd Place:
Wood Moisture Content Predicts the Fate of Juglans nigra Threatened by Thousand Cankers Disease
Authors: Geoffrey Williams, Mathew Ginzel
Poster Abstract

Honorable Mentions:
Effects of Prescribed Fire on Mycorrhizal Fungi Abundance and Diversity
Authors: Sarah Cuprewich, Mike Saunders
Poster Abstract

The Self-Pollination of Amur Honeysuckle
Authors: Benjamin Rivera, Micheal Jenkins, Rick Meilan
Poster Abstract

Graduate Extension Winners

1st Place:
Hardwood CLT Product Development and Fabrication
Authors: Jue Mo, Eva Haviarova
Poster Abstract


Visit the Purdue Library to view ADA-accessible PDFs of winning posters along with previous FNR poster competitions, FNR Annual Poster Competition.

View more awards: FNR Awards.