Herrmann Reserve and Herrmann Tract

Herrmann Reserve grass and tree plantings

Acquired by the Purdue Research Foundation on June 1, 2012 in accordance to Eugenia Ann Herrmann’s last will and testament. It was Eugenia’s desire that her 134 acre farm (the Herrmann Reserve) be used for educational purposes in the Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources Department. She desired the property to be used to as a nature reserve with an emphasis on a reforestation program. She further desired that her additional 80 acre property (the Herrmann Tract) be used to support efforts on the Herrmann Reserve.

In accordance with Eugenia’s desires, Purdue FNR has embarked on a journey to return the Herrmann Reserve to more natural state. Efforts are being made to convert tillable acres into tree plantings and native warm season grass plantings while providing significant opportunities for extension education and research. The Herrmann Tract is being managed by the Davis Purdue Agricultural Center to pursue agricultural research opportunities while providing financial support to the Herrmann Reserve.

Property Statistics

Herrmann ReserveHerrmann Reserve and Tract aerial map with legend.

  • Acquisition date: June 1, 2012
  • Total Acres: Herrmann Reserve 133+/-
  • Tree plantings
    • 2013: 4.3 acres mixed hardwoods
    • 2013: 2.5 acre mixed hardwoods
    • 2013: 2 acres black cherry (Tree Improvement Research)
    • 2014: 1 acre white oak (Tree Improvement Research)
    • 2015: 1 acre white oak (Tree Improvement Research)
    • 2016: 2.5 acre black walnut (Tree Improvement Research)
    • 2019: 19.8 acre mixed hardwood demonstration
    • 2020: 13 acres white oak and mix species for research (Spring 2020)
    • 2020: 20 acres mixed hardwood demonstration (Spring 2020)
  • Native warm season grass plantings
    • 2014: 9 acre planting density and species research planting
    • 2020: 3 acres demonstration (Spring 2020)
  • Native Forest
    • 7 acres mixed hardwoods
    • 6.5 acres bottomland hardwoods along the drainage ditch
  • Shelterwood forest
    • 2.6 acres
  • Water features:
    • ½ acre pond
    • 3000+ feet of drainage ditch
  • Tillable acres: 26 acres

Herrmann Tract

  • Acquisition date: June 1, 2012
  • Total Acres: 80 Acres
    • Native forest: 5 acres
    • Tillable acres: 75

Unique Features

The Herrmann Reserve property is bisected by State Highway 67 and a parallel railroad tract.

Research Efforts

Numerous tree plantings have been established on the Herrmann Reserve in cooperation with the Hardwood Tree Improvement Research Center (HTIRC) and other Purdue University researchers to evaluate progeny of select parent trees and better understand growth and special relationships between species.


The Herrmann Reserve is located along State Highway 67, 1.5 miles southwest of Redkey, IN.

The Herrmann Tract is located on the east side of State Highway 1, 2 miles south of Redkey, IN.

Herrmann Reserve:
Don Carlson
Phone: 812.798.2764

Herrmann Tract:
Jeff Boyer-DPAC Superintendent
Phone: 765.468.8125
Email: jboyer@purdue.edu

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