Richard G. Lugar Forestry Farm

Staff working with newly planted seedlings at Richard Lugar property.

Acquired by FNR in 2004, the property has a history dating back to 1921 when the horticulture department purchased the original 120 acres for fruit and vegetable research. The close proximity to campus (2.5 miles) creates opportunities for extension, teaching, and research. The tillable ground filled the need for acres required for tree research field trials and orchards. Forest history provides opportunity for forest restoration work due to high levels of non-native invasive plant populations under less desirable overstory species including black locust and osage-orange. Several compartments contain higher quality oak and hickory hardwoods. Jordan Creek meanders throughout the property creating topography along the watershed.​ The Cox-Haggerty property is a part of Richard G. Lugar Forestry Farm as well.

Property Vital Statistics

  • Acquisition date: 2004
  • Total acres: 452
  • 296 forested acres (65%)
  • 46 acres in research plantations
  • 1.7 miles of stream


Richard Lugar property plotter map.

All researchers who want to conduct research at Martell must have their project approved prior to starting. Please fill out FNR Property Request for approval


  • 6 storage barns of various types
  • Heated equipment shop/work space
  • Office/small conference room/storage heated facility (old office and sales building for horticulture)
  • Wood working shop

Invasive Species Management

Acres of the property not useful for fruit orchards was used for cattle operations while the horticulture department held the property. Operations extended into portions of the forests as well. Once cattle were removed, black locust and other thorny trees as well as Asian bush honeysuckle took over and flourished unchecked. In 2004, well over 100 acres of forest where classified as extremely heavy non-native plants overtopped by low quality and thorny trees.

As of 2020, 95 acres of forest had, at minimum, initial treatment of Invasive plant species with over half of that acreage having multiple year follow ups. FNR class labs and invasive plant workshops have greatly increased the number of acres treated while teaching students hands on application of techniques.

Management Plan

  • Contact property manager

Stream in forest area in fall/winter season, Richard Lugar Forest Farm property.  Invasive species on forest ground, Richard Lugar Forest Farms property  Invasive cleared out for forest ground, Richard Lugar Forest Farm property.

Property Manager, Maps & More About Our Research

Brian D. Beheler
Phone: 765-496-5015
Fax: 765-583-3512

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