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The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, in partnership with the College of Agriculture and Purdue Center for Career Opportunities, is dedicated to providing and/or connecting students to resources to help them best prepare to compete for jobs upon graduation. Several services are available to help students write résumés and cover letters, prepare for interviews, develop job search techniques, find semester and summer internships, identify employment opportunities after graduation, and more.

Career Resources

Professional Organizations assist you in your career exploration as you decide coursework, student organizations, internships and research projects.

Each of the majors in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources is tied to a professional organization.

The three organizations associated with the field biology majors are: Additional, related professional organizations:

Personal Assessment can help as you narrow down your skills and interests. Take a look at these resources that help you find the career that fits you.

If you are finding that none of the career options or job postings you have reviewed are interesting maybe it is time for some personal assessment of your skills and interests. The Purdue Center for Career Opportunities​​ can assist with further career counseling.

Spend some time reviewing natural resource job boards, click through the links to explore the various job openings. Some questions to ask as you review:

  • What does someone in this position do on a daily basis?
  • ​Is the location of the position somewhere I would like to live?
  • ​What are the education requirements for the position?
  • ​​Are there additional certifications or licenses required?
  • ​​What is the salary for the position? Will this salary meet my financial goals?
  • ​​What is the working environment (physical demands, travel requirements, shift work)?
  • ​​Does this position meet my future goals?
  • ​Does this position interest me?

​The job boards with the widest variety of postings are:

The FNR Student Services is a hub of support at Purdue for FNR students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public.

Woods on Wheels travel exhibit sharing Purdue FNR career options.

Alumna Hits the Road with Woods on Wheels Exhibit

There are nearly 5 million acres of woodlands in Indiana with an economic impact of more than $10 billion and supports 70,000 jobs.

Alumna shares her role as she travels the state
Austin Huff, BS 2017, Bartlett arborist representative in Grand Rapids, MI.

Alumni Put FNR Experience to Work

Purdue FNR alumni are utilizing their education and expertise across the globe.

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