Course Repeat Policy

College of Agriculture Course Repeat Policy

Under University regulations, a student may attempt a non-repeatable course (a course that does not result in duplication of credit) up to three times. Students may request consideration of a fourth attempt by completing the College of Agriculture 4th Attempt process. Students are advised that fourth attempt approvals are not guaranteed.


Fourth Attempt Request Process:
  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the appropriateness of and reasons for submitting a fourth attempt request. Extenuating circumstances affecting each attempt must be present for consideration of a fourth and final attempt of a course.
  2. Complete the Fourth Attempt Request form and submit it to your Academic Advisor. You will be asked to: 1) explain the conditions that prevented successful completion of the course for your first three attempts and, 2) present a plan that ensures you will be successful in your fourth attempt to complete the course.
  3. Your advisor will submit your request to the Office of Academic Programs for review. If approved by the College, a registration override will be entered.