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Cultivating the Future: Chloe Hall

Cultivating the Future

Eyes in the sky provide growing experience

Chloe Hall, a junior from Zionsville, Ind., majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES), didn’t grow up in a traditional agriculture setting. So it’s no wonder her parents were surprised when she told them she wanted to pursue a degree in agriculture. “I didn't know anyone else working in agriculture, but I knew that sustainability and working to create better foods and healthier soils were very important to me and something I wanted to pursue as a career.”

Hall started out at Purdue as an agribusiness major. But as her first year progressed, she decided NRES would better suit her interests and allow her to focus on environmental science.  

Knowing she wanted to start gaining real-world experience as soon as possible, Hall attended the College of Agriculture Career Fair in 2022 in pursuit of a summer internship. "Attending the career fair was one of the best things I have done. Yes, it's nerve-wracking, but it allows you to see many different places to take your degree and talk to companies to see if they might fit your style."

She found her fit with Co-Alliance, a large agricultural cooperative. Co-Alliance offered Hall a summer internship as a field scout. “In my role, I am given a list of fields for the week in my assigned region that produce either soybeans or corn. I do some investigation and then report on the fields. This work includes keeping track of growth stage, diseases present, insect damage, chemical uses and more.”  Hall explains that the data she collects for each field is used by Co-Alliance sales representatives to report back to the grower.

Hall spends Monday through Wednesday in the field and then utilizes Thursdays to create a video and a paper to explain the trends found that week in her region. The scouts from around the state gather on Fridays to share their findings and to learn from one another.

Hall has learned to use various industry technologies, "My favorite part of my internship has been getting my drone license. I could be working in a 100-acre field, and instead of walking the whole field for reporting, I am able to use the drone to get up close to see what is going on.”

Co-Alliance will also aid Hall in getting her pesticide license later this summer. She is excited to add both of these items to her resume. She is also thankful for the opportunities she has experienced with a large company like Co-Alliance, “They desire to teach you, and I have greatly benefited from that,” she said. 

As Hall prepares for her future and what is ahead, she looks back to where she started and has advice to encourage students,

Take the first step and put yourself out there. Evaluate where you are, what you want to improve, and where you want to end up. Work to find your fit that aligns with your passions, and don't be afraid to say, ‘I don't like this,’ to find the thing you love.

- Chloe Hall, NRES

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