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Darrin Karcher

Animal Sciences 

  • Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
Creighton Hall of Animal Sciences Room 3034
270 South Russell Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054

 General Information

Area of Expertise: Poultry Management

Education: B.S., The Ohio State University; M.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison; Ph.D., Purdue University

Extension Activities:

Dr. Karcher has been charged with developing a strong poultry extension program. His interactions with the industry revolve around organizing educational programs in the Midwest with the Multi-State Poultry Health and Management School, Multi-State Poultry Nutrition Conference, and Midwest Poultry Federation education program. He serves on the Board of Directors for the National Egg Quality School, Poultry Health Management School and Midwest Poultry Federation. Dr. Karcher has developed an Extension program that improves poultry production, regardless of scale, and is grounded in science.

He has focused on engaging directly with the small flock audience, many of whom have little to no connection to Extension, in an effort to help them become successful and to have a positive poultry interaction. Darrin’s interactions with youth revolve around enhancing their knowledge of poultry, developing life skills, and igniting an interest in commercial poultry job opportunities in the future. He continues to seek grant dollars to establish a competitive applied research program to address producers' concerns focusing on turkey skeletal issues and laying hen management. His research projects are focused on addressing industry concerns in meat birds and laying hens. His program’s focus is poultry well-being coupled with food safety and quality as impacted by management practices, physiology and nutrition.

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