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Jess M Lowenberg-DeBoer

Agricultural Economics 

  • Prof of Exc Intl Entr/Prof of Ag Econ

International Programs In Agriculture 

  • Associate Dean and Director of IPIA/Professor Ag Econ
615 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Awards & Honors

(2015) College of Agriculture Professor of Excellence in International Entrepreneurship. Purdue University.

(2013) Best Paper Award. Journal of African Business.

(2012) De Chevalier De L'Ordre National. Government of Burkina Faso.

(2012) International IPM Award. IPM Symposium Steering Committee.

(2011) Purdue College of Agriculture TEAM Award for the Purdue College of Agriculture Afghanistan Team.

(2010) Precision Agriculture Legacy Award.

(2002) Siteliner Award. Meister Publication.

(2001) Quality of Communication Award. American Society of Agronomy.

(1992) Temoinage Official de Satisfaction (Official Testimony of Satisfaction) Ministry of Agriculture. Republic of Niger.

(1985) Research Excellence Award. Iowa State University.

Selected Publications

Gbegbelegbe, S. D., Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M., Adeoti, R., Lusk, J., & Coulibaly, O. (2015). The estimated ex ante economic impact of Bt cowpea in Niger, Benin and Northern Nigeria. Agricultural Economics, 46(4), 563-577. Retrieved from ://WOS:000357962100009

Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M. (2015). The Precision Agriculture Revolution Making the Modern Farmer. Foreign Affairs, 94(3), 105-112. Retrieved from ://WOS:000353077300015

Ibro, G., Sorgho, M. C., Idris, A. A., Moussa, B., Baributsa, D., & Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M. (2014). Adoption of cowpea hermetic storage by women in Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso. Journal of Stored Products Research, 58, 87-96. Retrieved from ://WOS:000342257100012

Moussa, B., Abdoulaye, T., Coulibaly, O., Baributsa, D., & Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M. (2014). Adoption of on-farm hermetic storage for cowpea in West and Central Africa in 2012. Journal of Stored Products Research, 58, 77-86. Retrieved from ://WOS:000342257100011

Baributsa, D., Abdoulaye, T., Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M., Dabire, C., Moussa, B., Coulibaly, O., & Baoua, I. (2014). Market building for post-harvest technology through large-scale extension efforts. Journal of Stored Products Research, 58, 59-66. Retrieved from ://WOS:000342257100009

Murdock, L. L., Baributsa, D., & Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M. (2014). Special Issue on hermetic storage. Journal of Stored Products Research, 58, 1-2. Retrieved from ://WOS:000342257100001

Baributsa, D., Djibo, K., Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M., Moussa, B., & Baoua, I. (2014). The fate of triple-layer plastic bags used for cowpea storage. Journal of Stored Products Research, 58, 97-102. Retrieved from ://WOS:000342257100013

Jones, M. S., & Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M. (2014). Updating ex-ante economic analyses for Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags in sub-Saharan Africa: the cases of Senegal, Kenya, and Ghana. Working Paper - Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, (14-05), 59 pp.-59 pp.. Retrieved from ://CABI:20143338166

Baoua, I. B., Amadou, L., Lowenberg-Deboer, J. M., & Murdock, L. L. (2013). Side by side comparison of GrainPro and PICS bags for postharvest preservation of cowpea grain in Niger. Journal of Stored Products Research, 54, 13-16. Retrieved from ://WOS:000323021000003