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M. Catherine Aime

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Professor and Director of the Purdue Herbaria
Lilly Hall Room 1-335

 Awards and Honors

Awards & Honors

(2017) University Faculty Scholar. Purdue University.

(2017) Agriculture Research Award. College of Agriculture, Purdue University.

(2016) Seed for Success Award. Purdue University.

(2012) Fellow. Mycological Society of America.

(2009) Fellow. Linnean Society of London.

(2007) Fellow. Explorer's Club.

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Selected Publications

Aime, M. C., Bell, C. D., & Wilson, A. W. (2018). Deconstructing the evolutionary complexity between rust fungi (Pucciniales) and their plant hosts. Studies in Mycology, 89, 143-152. doi:10.1016/j.simyco.2018.02.002

Abbasi, M., Aime, M. C., Eamvijarn, A., Creswell, T. C., Ruhl, G., & Wright, S. (2017). First report of cronartium rust disease on Chinquapin Oak. Plant Disease, 101(7), 1329. doi:10.1094/PDIS-05-16-0757-PDN

Wilson, A., Beckerman, J. L., & Aime, M. C. (2016). First report of the white pine blister rust fungus, Cronartium ribicola, on Ribes odoratum, in Indiana. 98(2), 277. Retrieved from

Aime, M. C., McTaggart, A. R., Mondo, S. J., & Duplessis, S\'ebastien (2017). Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics of Rust Fungi. In Advances in genetics (100, 267--307). Academic Press.

Koch, R. A., Wilson, A. W., Séné, O., Henkel, T. W., & Aime, M. C. (2017). Resolved phylogeny and biogeography of the root pathogen Armillaria and its gasteroid relative, Guyanagaster. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 17(1). doi:10.1186/s12862-017-0877-3

McLaughlin, D. J., Kumar, T., Padamsee, M., Toome-Heller, M., Frieders, E., & Aime, M. C. (2017). Structural character evolution in Pucciniomycotina: Mitosis, septa and hyphal branch initiation in two Helicogloea species. Mycologia, 109, 162-181.

Spatafora, J., Aime, M. C., Grigoriev, IV, Martin, F., Stajich, J., & Blackwell, M. (2017). The Fungal Tree of Life: from Molecular Systematics to Genome-Scale Phylogenies. The Fungal Kingdom, 31. doi:10.1128/microbiolspec.FUNK-0053-2016

Abbasi, M., Aime, M. C., Creswell, T. C., & Ruhl, G. E. (2016). First Report of Rust Disease Caused by Coleosporium apocynaceum on Amsonia 'Blue Ice' in Indiana. Plant Disease, 100(8), 1786. Retrieved from

Dentinger, B., Gaya, E., O'Brien, H., Suz, L. M., Lachlan, R., Diaz-Valderrama, J. R., . . . Aime, M. C. (2016). Tales from the crypt: Genome mining from fungarium specimens improves resolution of the mushroom tree of life. Biological Journal of The Linnaean Society, 117, 11-32. Retrieved from

Díaz-Valderrama, J. R., & Aime, M. C. (2016). The cacao pathogen Moniliophthora roreri (Marasmiaceae) possesses biallelic A and B mating loci but reproduces clonally. Heredity, 116(6), 491-501. doi:10.1038/hdy.2016.5

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