Career fair photos of student talking with employers in collage.

Don't miss the 2022 FNR Career Fair!

February 24, 2022
In-Person and Virtual Career Fair
9:30am to 2:00pm EST
Purdue Memorial Union, North and South Ballroom

Career Fair - Employers Attending
(For more employer resources and virtual set up see below - Employer Resources tab.)

Employers registration contact: Casey Doten,

FNR Career Fair - Student Resources

Virtual Booth Set Up:
We will have 6 employers joining virtually (listed below).  Virtual booths will be set up on the ground floor of Pfendler Hall for students to meet these employers:

  • Boone County Arboretum
  • City of Champaign
  • Columbian Park Zoo
  • Heartwood Tree Service LLC
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • INDNR: Division of Fish & Wildlife

Reasons to Attend:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Many of the employers that attend the FNR Career Fair will be alumni of FNR; this is a great opportunity to ask questions about career path, choices, recommendations for skills that are important to gain while still at Purdue or as a recent graduate.
  • Employers in your major area are willing to assist you and provide career advice and talk about specific openings with their employer.
  • Watch and read What is Networking? to learn more about this critical process.
  • Learn more about specific employers and career choices.
  • Make contacts with a particular organization.

Do Your Research:

  • Check the list of Employers Attending the FNR Career Fair on the main page then research the employers before the career fair.  Review information on the employer website and look for current articles about the employer.
  • Create a list and prioritize the organizations you are most interested in and visit their booths first.
  • Prepare questions to ask that will help you obtain the information you need.
  • Find tips on Conducting Company Research to be better prepared for the FNR Career Fair.

How to Prepare:

  • Read the résumé section in the The Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) Handbook​ for instruction on how to create a résumé.
  • Create a résumé and have it reviewed. 
  • The Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) provides walk-in assistance on a first-come, first-served basis from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday in Young Hall, Room 132.  CCO also provides online resources assist with résumé preparation.
  • Remember, not every employer will take your résumé; some may ask that you apply online.  You can always seek the advice of an employer about what skills or qualities would be an additional benefit to add to your experiences.
  • Prepare a brief introduction that includes your name, your major, expected graduation or year, what type of position you are seeking, and a question.
  • Be prepared to relate your education/experience/skills to the employer's needs.
  • Rehearse your introduction with a friend or advisor.
  • Plan to be at the fair for at least one hour; give yourself time to talk to employers and wait in lines if there are many students waiting for the same employer.
  • Take notes about who you talked with and what you talked about with each representative.
  • Read "The Art of Networking" section in the the CCO Handbook for additional pointers.

What to Bring / What to Wear / What to Do:

  • Purchase a nice portfolio to carry your résumés, pen, notepad.  It also provides a place to hold business cards, brochures and take notes after talking with an employer.
  • Bring 10-15 copies of your résumé.
  • When dressing for the FNR Career Fair error on the side of dressing conservatively; wear minimal accessories and watch the quantity of perfume/cologne you apply.
  • For women: nice dress pants or a skirt with a blouse or nice dressy top with dress shoes.
  • For men: nice dress slacks with a collared shirt with dress shoes.
  • Show up early! Some employers pack up and leave the fair early.
  • Greet the employer with a firm handshake and your introduction.

After the FNR Career Fair:

  • Send follow-up correspondence (this could be an email, letter, or hand written note) within 24 hours.
  • Call to request additional information about job opportunities.
  • Apply for the job opportunities that you discussed during the FNR Career Fair

Career Fair Myths:

Even if you are not interested in working for these employers, they may have connections to employers you want to work for. It can never hurt to meet more natural resource professionals, and making a good impression at the Career Fair can lead to opportunities with other employers down the road. Come to the FNR Career Fair to build your professional network!

Several employers at the Career Fair will be offering internships and opportunities that encourage freshmen to apply! Attending the Career Fair is a great way to network with professionals and make yourself stand out early on in your college career. Even if you are not seeking an internship or job, come to practice interacting with employers and get some tips on what you can do to improve your resume. Networking is a skill that will serve you well your whole life, so its best to get an early start!

BUSTED: While it’s never a good idea to put off working on and editing your resume, it’s never too late entirely! The CCO is always an option to get help and they are easily accessed online or in person. Purdue OWL is an easy online source that’s available 24/7 with lots of good advice. They are also accessible in person, with all the information clearly listed on their website. Finally, ask your friends, mentors, parents, advisors, and professors for help. They have all probably held jobs (or currently hold jobs) or internships and have a resume, so asking them is a great resource as well. Also, as a general note, update your resume regularly. That way you present the most current version of yourself to potential future employers!

A suit isn’t necessary to succeed at the FNR Career Fair (although you’re welcome to wear one). Generally, men should be dressed in khakis and a nice, collared shirt. Women should wear dress pants and a blouse. If you do not own or have dress clothes with you, try borrowing from a friend or accessing the CCO closet. Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and Second Glance are all excellent thrift and second-hand options for acceptable clothing as well.

You may be surprised at what positions the employers have to offer, or what connections to other employers they may have! These employers can be a valuable resource for you as you search for a job either with them or with someone else. All you have to do is come to the Career Fair and ask them! Besides, you can never have too much networking experience.

Employer Resources and More Career Resources

FNR Career Fair - Employer Resources
Friday, February 25, 2022
9:30am to 2:00pm EST

The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources offers four majors: Aquatic Sciences, Forestry and Wildlife, along with six minors: Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Forest Ecosystems, Furniture Design, Urban Forestry, Wildlife, and Wood Products. There are 260 undergraduate students and 88 graduate students in the department. Students from ALL departments at Purdue University are invited to attend the FNR Career Fair. Plan to attend the career fair and make connections with these outstanding students! Please review the FNR Career Fair website for more information.

For a list of employers attending view: Career Fair - Employers Attending.

Virtual Booth Set Up
Six employers are joining virtually (listed below). They will have virtual booths set up on the ground floor of Pfendler Hall for students to meet these employers:

  • Boone County Arboretum
  • City of Champaign
  • Columbian Park Zoo
  • Heartwood Tree Service LLC
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • INDNR: Division of Fish & Wildlife


Receive a discounted rate at The Purdue Memorial Union by mentioning you are with the FNR Career Fair.

Schedule of Activities
Purdue Memorial Union North and South Ballrooms Company representative will enter the PMU through the east door – across the street from the Grant Street Parking Garage and enter through the south entrance of the PMU South Ballroom.
101 North Grant Street West Lafayette, IN 47906-3574
(On the NW corner of State Road 26 and Grant Street)

Purdue Memorial Union Floor Plans
(On the east side of Grant Street – across the street from the Purdue Memorial Union)
Grant Street Parking Garage
120 N. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

You will park in the Grant Street Garage. A parking pass is required to park in this garage. You will be sent the one-day swipe parking pass. This pass will be valid for Friday, February 25, 2022.

Please note: if you are driving a state or federally owned vehicle, you do not need an “A” parking pass to park almost anywhere on campus. The Grant Street Parking Garage is an exception to this rule. You are required to have the swipe, parking pass in order to park FREE of charge.
Transporting Materials to Purdue Memorial Union
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)
Company representatives will transport all materials from the Grant Street Parking Garage to the Purdue Memorial Union. There is a tunnel or above ground crosswalk. The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources will have students available to assist. Most of you have already indicated whether you need help, but if you change your mind the day of the event, help is available. The students will be located in the stairway entrance at the southwest (SW) corner of the parking garage.
Employer Registration and Set-up
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)
Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) South and North Ballrooms – South Entrance
The PMU has three floors (ground, main, and second). The FNR Career Fair is on the main floor. Take the elevator or steps to the main floor. The South Ballroom south entrance is located at the end of a side hallway – just past the interior stairway located in the center of the south hallway. You will turn right to enter the south entrance hallway. Students will direct you due to construction re-routing.
Coat Rack
Two coat racks are located along the north wall of the North Ballroom – to the left of the stage.
The registration table will be located outside of the South Ballroom south entrance. Name badges will be provided for registered representatives. Our badges will allow us to determine which participants are allowed in the food and drink area. You are welcome to use this badge and your company badge.

Set-up Instructions
A 6-foot table with black table covering will be furnished. Table tents with company names and table numbers will be placed on the tables. Chairs will be provided for all company representatives who registered for the career fair.

PMU and the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources will provide extension cords.

Simple Breakfast on the Go
Breakfast food, fruit, and drinks will be available from 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. All food will be located in the North Ballroom.
THE BIG EVENT -- FNR Career Fair
9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (EST)
Purdue Memorial Union North and South Ballrooms
The west entrance doors will be opened at 9:00 a.m. Student will enter and leave through the west entrance.
Lunch will be provided to all representatives from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.
Salad, sandwiches, cookies, and drinks will be provided. Company representatives will need to coordinate the lunch hour, because the PMU will remain open during lunch. If you need to stretch your legs, you are welcome to eat your lunch in any of the lounge areas located along the south end of PMU or at the top of the steps of the west entrance of PMU. There are many tables located on the ground floor in the food court area.
Tear-down and Transport to Grant Street Parking Garage
2:00 p.m. – 2:25 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)
The Purdue Memorial Union has firm protocols regarding room use. The North and South Ballrooms must be totally vacated no later than 2:25 p.m. to allow PMU staff to prepare the room for the next event that starts at 5:00 p.m. There is no flexibility regarding this timeline.

Company representatives will transport all materials from the Purdue Memorial Union to the Grant Street Parking Garage. Students will be available to assist. Students will be located at the south entrance of the North and South Ballrooms.
Table space is limited; please contact Casey Doten ( as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration.

Professional Organizations assist you in your career exploration as you decide coursework, student organizations, internships and research projects.

Related Skills opens opportunities as employers are seeking candidates with the attributes listed.

Personal Assessment can help as you narrow down your skills and interests. Take a look at these resources that help you find the career that fits you.

If you are finding that none of the career options or job postings you have reviewed are interesting maybe it is time for some personal assessment of your skills and interests. The Center for Career Opportunities​​ can assist with further career counseling. Below are a few sites that may be helpful as you assess where your interests and skills align with career options.

Choose what works best for you!

The FNR Office of Student Services is open from 8 am to noon and 1 to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, except on University holidays.

Tami Conn
Tami Conn, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 765-494-3591

Casey Doten
Casey Doten, Alumni Relations
Scholarship & Awards Coordinator
Phone: 765-494-0428

Dr. Barny Dunning
Barny Dunning
Professor & Director OSS
Phone: 765-494-3565

Jackie Getzin
Jackie Getson, Interim Graduate
Program Coordinator (Current Students),
Research Associate & Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 765-496-7406

Megan Gunn
Megan Gunn, Recruitment and
Outreach Specialist
Phone: 765-494-7477

Maria Leatherwood
Maria Leatherwood
Sr. Academic Advisor and Interim Graduate
Program Coordinator (Prospective Students)
Phone: 765-496-4819

Julie Pluimer
Julie Pluimer, Sr. Academic Advisor &
Administrative Manager
Phone: 765-494-3629