Food Science Senior Spotlight - Ishani Roychowdhury


Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Food Science

Minor: Spanish

Why did you choose Purdue Food Science?: I chose Purdue Food Science because of the welcoming faculty members and the plethora of career opportunities a Purdue degree would give me.

Favorite Purdue Tradition: The fountain run!

What made your Purdue experience great?: The people. I was scared to come to Purdue because it was pretty far from home. But between my food science cohort and friends I made in other classes, this place felt like home after a while.


Favorite club/organization: The Political Discourse Club

Favorite Purdue event: Thanksgiving meal at the dining courts before Thanksgiving break

Favorite spot on campus: The Lawson Terrace during the warmer months

Favorite memory of your time at Purdue: Rushing the field after our football team defeated Michigan State!


Places you have been as a Purdue student: I've had internships in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. Minnesota internship- The National Food Lab Sensory Testing. New Jersey- Ingredion, Sensory Science Intern. New York- PepsiCo, R&D Food Science Intern

Favorite thing about Purdue Food Science and/or the College of Agriculture: The faculty members are some of the most helpful, kind people.

Favorite professor and/or faculty mentor: Dr. Cho, Dr. Jones, and Dr. Applegate

Biggest accomplishments at Purdue: Vice President of the Political Discourse Club, 3 internships, 2.5 years of research and one research poster

Future plans after graduation: Heading to New York for a full time position with PepsiCo!


Long-term career goals: I would love to have my own line of food products that cater to people with health issues or allergies.

Advice for underclassmen: Be all in. Open new doors and walk through them confidently. College is what you make of it!

Ishani Roychowdhury
Ishani Roychowdhury