Sensory Evaluation Lab​

A key strength of the Department is the Sensory Evaluation Laboratory which provides sensory analysis using discriminative and hedonic (consumer) testing. Using scientific and industry standard methods, the Sensory Evaluation Lab staff work closely with our industry and academia partners to design studies, collect data, and produce statistical analysis to support R&D, Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing.


  • Trained or untrained panels
  • Product profiling
  • Assessing product sensory (taste, smell, appearance, etc.) consistency
  • Assess consumer preferences

​Types of Testing

  • Discrimination - triangle, duo-trio, paired-comparison
  • Acceptability - hedonic, preference

Lab Facilities

  • Individual tasting booths
  • Controlled lighting and ventilation
  • Computerized data collection
  • Water filtration system

Specific testing and research opportunities can be developed and designed as needed by your company.

For more details on how your company can benefit from working with the Purdue Food Science Sensory Evaluation Laboratory, contact: 

Dr. Andrea​ Liceaga
Associate Professor and Manager of the Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
(765) 496-2460​