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Welcome to the Food Science Enology Extension program brought to you by the Purdue Wine Professor, Dr. Christian Butzke. The Purdue Enology Extension program offers technical assistance and Extension education for professionals within the wine industry and beyond. Contact us today to discuss the opportunities available to your business.


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Purdue Enology Extension
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Enology Extension Resources and Programming

An on-demand online course for wine professionals that covers all aspects of commercial winemaking practices:

  • Winemaking principles – Recap of techniques, styles, traditions
  • Winemaking issues – Best practices
  • Wine stability - Needs and excesses
  • Filtration, bottling, and closures - Practical considerations
  • Wine quality, aging, and shelf-life – Factors to consider

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A general, comprehensive wine education course for your winery's tasting room staff or wine club members.

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Your free consulting service to solve technical winemaking issues.

E-mail Dr. Christian Butzke at butzke@purdue.edu, or call 765.494.6500 for advice, or to schedule a winery visitation.

  • Winemaking styles
  • Fermentation problems
  • Off-odors, taints, hazes
  • Wine stability & aging
  • Blending, filtration & bottling
  • Winemaking calculations
  • Winery layout & design
  • Equipment choices
  • Winery sanitation & safety
  • Wine analysis & quality assurance