Food Science Industrial Associates Partnering Program

The mission of the Industrial Associates Program is to foster a relationship between the Department and industry, to facilitate the exchange of ideas between academia and industry, and to explore research collaboration and employment opportunities for our graduates. This group plays an integral part in developing our undergraduate and graduate programs, so that we can ensure our graduates fulfill industry's needs. Purdue Food Science faculty are training over 200 of the brightest students in the world!

What are the benefits for companies to engage with Purdue Food Science?

With an annual fee of $5,000, members of this group receive numerous benefits, some of which are:
  • Academic perspective on emerging issues.
  • Access to a wide range of expertise within Purdue University.
  • Assistance in distributing industry positions to students and recent graduates.
  • Commitment from the Department to address members' needs.
  • Education and training opportunities.
  • Networking with other member company representatives.
  • Visible presence within Purdue University and the Department of Food Science on displays and in annual newsletter.
  • Priority invitation to annual Food Science Student Professional Development Days.
  • Priority scheduling of company informational sessions and interview days.
  • Priority consideration for classroom guest speaking opportunities and case studies.
  • Assistance in connecting with Food Science student organizations.

How do the companies engage with Purdue Food Science?

The Industrial Associates group meets twice per year on campus to engage with Food Science faculty, staff, and students, as well as other experts who can contribute to the topics and issues of interest. The Department's External Relations Coordinator serves as the main contact, and is able to assist member companies in navigating the university system for information. Ready to join? Contact Mike Caffee,


Industrial Associates Members