Food Science Senior Spotlight - Lauren Decker


Hometown: Muncie, Indiana

Major: Food Science

Minors: Animal Science; Pet Food Processing

Why did you choose Purdue Food Science?: I wanted to have an interactive, hands-on science major that would provide lots of different job options.

What made your Purdue experience great?: The people I was around and the opportunities I have been given while at Purdue have made it great!


Places you have been as a Purdue student: Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a summer internship with Cargill

Favorite Purdue event: Purdue Men’s Basketball games

Favorite club/organization: Twin Pines Cooperative


What other activities or organizations did you participate in while at Purdue?: I am a student worker at the Purdue Food Science Pilot Plant.

Favorite thing about Purdue Food Science and/or the College or Agriculture: The close knit, small class sizes, and the opportunities and services provided within the college.

Favorite memory of your time at Purdue: Storming the field after Purdue Football beat Michigan State


Biggest accomplishments at Purdue: My biggest accomplishment so far has been becoming the President of Twin Pines Cooperative. However, another great Purdue accomplishment come when I graduate in May!

Future plans after graduation: I am moving to Minnesota to work at Cargill as a Protein Business Operations and Supply Chain Associate.