Food Science Senior Spotlight - Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee with a plate of food that he prepared

Hometowns: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Carmel, Indiana

Major: Food Science

Why did you choose Purdue Food Science: I chose Purdue Food Science because growing up, I had always loved food. At the age of 15, I started working in a restaurant where my passion for food and service bloomed. This led to me pursuing even more knowledge of food.

What made your Purdue experience great?: My Purdue experience was made great by the wonderful people I got to meet while I was here. I hope to keep these relationships for a long time.

Favorite Purdue Tradition: Going to Harry's Chocolate Shop and waiting in line, even if it's freezing cold outside.

Favorite memory of your time at Purdue: My favorite memories have been the little moments, laughter, and general tomfoolery that I get into with my friends here at Purdue.

Favorite club/organization: Food Science Club

What other activities or organizations did you participate in while at Purdue?: I also took part in the fitness classes that are available at the Co-rec, as fitness is one of my other many passions!

Favorite Purdue event: Purdue vs IU Basketball/Football games!

Favorite spot on campus: Purdue Memorial Union

Favorite thing about Purdue Food Science: My favorite thing about Purdue Food Science is the variety of people that enroll in the major, allowing me to learn so many things (including practicing my Spanish!) from all kinds of people.

Favorite professor: Dr. Young-Hee Cho or Dr. Applegate (both are awesome!)

Favorite class: FS 363, Food Microbiology Lab was my favorite class. I loved being able to use the knowledge that I learned in the lecture in a practical manner. Not to mention, Dr. Cho is an incredible professor who not only provides great knowledge, but is also very kind and sweet!

Biggest accomplishment at Purdue: I've managed to make it onto the Dean's List and Semester Honors list several times! 

Future plans after graduation: After graduation, I plan to pursue a Bar Lead / Sous Chef position at the restaurant where I am currently working. Here, I will be able to use my years of experience working in a restaurant effectively while still appealing to my creative side.

Long term career goals: Long term, I hope to be either be a Chef de Cuisine or Bar Manager of a restaurant.

Advice for underclassmen: When taking hard classes, or classes that you feel are unrelated to what you want to do, remind yourself of the end goal for pursuing your degree and fuel your motivation with passion. Love what you're doing; enjoy the little things.

Biggest takeaway from your time at Purdue: There is a boatload of talented and passionate people everywhere you go. If you take the time to sit and listen, you stand to learn to a lot from these people.