pilot plant equipment

thermal processing

Make/Model: IMS Cylindrical Heating System C09T100KA08

Manufacturer: Industrial Microwave Systems

Description: Unit is suitable for a variety of pumpable products including fruits and vegetables (with or without particles), ground meats, and other heat sensitive or viscous foods

Noteworthy Specifications: 915 MHz generator, 100 kW maximum,

1.5 and 2 in. diameter piping in applicators available


Make/Model: Multimode R&D Retort 2402 Series

Manufacturer: Allpax

Description: A small-scale multimode batch retort capable of replicating a variety of processing and agitation modes

Noteworthy Specifications: Capable of Static, Gentle Motion, End over End Rotation and Shaka processing modes


Make/Model: Pilot Aseptic UHT Processing System

Manufacturer: Advanced Process Systems (APS)

Description: A high velocity, high pressure indirect UHT system for thermal processing of liquids. Unit capable of aseptic processing with option to homogenize products.

Noteworthy Specifications: 30 gallon minimum batch, 1-3 gpm flow rate


Make/Model: High Viscosity Hybrid (HVH)

Manufacturer: MicroThermics

Description: UHT/HTST processing system capable of processing fluids up to 295F and pressures up to 350 psi. A  variety of hold tube length configurations available

Minimum suggested batch size is 6L.


Make/Model: Contherm 6x6 Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval Inc.

Description: A Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger ideal for pumpable products that may be viscous, sticky, and/or heat-sensitive (with out without particulates). 2 units allow for further processing flexibility

Noteworthy Specifications: Minimum 50 gallon batch size suggested, 1-3 gpm flow rate


Make/Model: Convap 6x3 Scrape Surface Evaporator

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval Inc.

Description: A scraped-surface evaporator. This unit is suitable for concentrating products that are viscous, heat sensitive, and/or sticky to achieve low moisture content. Unit can be operated under vacuum, which can be advantageous in preserving volatiles.

Noteworthy Specifications: Minimum 50 gallon batch size suggested

1-3 gpm flow rate


aseptic packaging

Manufacturer: Scholle IPN


Description: An aseptic filler capable of high and low acid product packaging in flexible bags 



Manufacturer: Eppendorf

Make/Model: BioFlo 610 Fermentor

Description: A flexible 50L pilot fermentor. Capable of fed-batch or continuous culture



Manufacturer: Coperion

Make/Model: ZSK-25

Description: A co-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruder capable of traditional extrusion. Several dies available.



Make/Model: VirTis VirTual 50L Pilot Lyophilizer

Manufacturer: SP Scientific

Description: Large Pilot/ small production model Freeze Dryer able to condense up to 20L of ice over 24 hours. Temperature control range of shelf is -55 - 65C. Can be configured for up to 10 shelves. Ability to customize cycles with VIRTIS WIZARD 2.0 software



(Black) Home Freeze Dryer (Medium)

(Silver) Scientific Freeze Dryer (Medium)

Manufacturer: Harvest Right

Description: Lab scale freeze drying units capable of drying 4-7 lbs. of material per batch.

Home unit is simple to operate and ideal for drying samples without the need for cycle customization.

Scientific unit allows for greater control of processing parameters when custom cycles are needed.

Noteworthy Specifications: Both units save processing data that can be extracted via USB


Size reduction

Make/Model: Comitrol Processor Model 1700

Manufacturer: Urschel

Description: A device capable of a size reduction for dry to liquid products, from shredding to pureeing and emulsifying depending on cut head configuration


Make/Model: DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer

Manufacturer: Urschel

Description: Designed to uniformly dice, strip cut and slice meats, fruits, and vegetables etc. Maximum input size is 6.5 in. in any direction