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Purdue COA Students Travel on IPIA trips Spring Break for First Time in Two Years

"In March 2022, students on seven College of Agriculture spring break programs traveled to Costa Rica, Peru, Ireland, Spain and Hawaii. Over 100-students and 16-program leaders participated, with the Department of Animal Sciences leading the first study away program to Hawaii, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources traveling to Costa Rica, and a mix of departments visiting Peru, Ireland and Spain.

"Dr. Fernandez told us many times during our pre-trip meetings that this study abroad trip to Costa Rica could change our lives if we let it, and quite frankly I didn't believe it,” said Kassidy Oliger, a sophomore in Agribusiness Management. “Then I arrived in the country with 32 strangers, and I soon had my eyes opened to the beauty of the world and the people in it through an enriching experience that truly did change my life."

“During our time abroad, we travelled across southern Spain visiting some of the largest agricultural operations as well as many Spanish landmarks. This was my first time outside of the United States, and it was truly an incredible experience,” said Katie Krick, a senior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. “Getting to experience such rich culture and unique agricultural practices was eye-opening and extremely impactful. To anyone considering studying abroad, I would strongly encourage you. This experience broadened my perspectives on global agriculture, and I made great friends along the way."

"The trip to Peru has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Visiting Lima and meeting UNALM students was profoundly delightful,” said Mandar Bagade, a junior in Agriculture Systems Management. “Whether it's the history, the traditional cuisine, the environment, or the passion of the Peruvians, I am in awe of the beauty. As a seeker of inspiration and exuberance, I would like to express my gratitude to Purdue Agriculture’ study abroad program for providing me with this opportunity."

"Going on a study abroad allowed me to broaden my world view and education, while also introducing me to a new, diverse group of people I can now call my friends. I'm very grateful I decided to go!" Gabriella Johnson, a senior in Animal Sciences.

“This experience had such a big impact on my life considering the relationships I built and the affect it had on my career aspirations.” Sam Getz, a senior in Agriculture Economics.


If you’re interested in learning more about study abroad programs or leading a program next academic year, email

Costa Rica Study Abroad Spring Break 2022 Costa Rica Study Abroad Spring Break 2022
Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Peru Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Peru
Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Costa Rica Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Costa Rica
Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Peru Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Peru
Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Hawaii Ag Students at Study Abroad 2022 in Hawaii
Ag Student at Study Abroad 2022 in Ireland Ag Student at Study Abroad 2022 in Ireland

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