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ownership transition

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies slidedeck presentation by Michael Langemeier given in Salem on March 25, 2022.

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Farm Succession/Transition Planning Series

An eleven-episode podcast series on farm succession/transition planning. Purdue ag economists Brady Brewer hosts members from the Purdue Farm Transition team and the Purdue Institute of Family Business to discuss topics related to succession planning.

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Measuring & Analyzing Farm Financial Performance

Compute accrual net farm income, and key financial ratios and repayment capacity measures from Schedule F information and beginning and ending balance sheets.

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Transferring Farm Machinery Through a Lease Agreement

There are numerous methods to transfer the ownership of farm machinery. Lease agreements often lower the cash flow requirements of the younger generation.

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Transferring Business Management

Transferring business management between generations is one of the most critical steps in transitioning the business from an older generation to a younger generation.

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How Should Business Income be Divided?

A model described that can be used to divide farm business income and provided an illustration of how this model could be used in practice.

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Beef Cow Rental Arrangements for Your Farm

Managing risk is required for many farm enterprises to be profitable and sustainable. Leasing assets, rather than purchasing them, is a form of risk management as it typically requires less capital. Leasing or sharing arrangements between farm operators and property owners have long been used to acquire control of land.

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