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Crop Cost and Returns

Purdue Commercial AgCast Podcast

On this Purdue Commercial AgCast episode, Dr. Michael Langemeier and Dr. Brady Brewer discuss the latest numbers from the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture’s decision tool along with tips on how to use this tool to make farm operating decisions.

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2021 Crop Cost and Return Guide

The Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide offers farmers a resource to project financials for the coming cropping year. These are the November 2020 crop budget estimations for 2021.

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Differences in Working Capital among Farms

This article examines differences in the characteristics for farms with a current ratio above and below 2.0.  In addition, we examine the correlation between the current ratio and farm characteristics.

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Long-run Cash Rent

Examine breakeven prices, earnings per acre, breakeven cash rents, and trends in working capital with this spreadsheet tool.

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Measuring & Analyzing Farm Financial Performance

Compute accrual net farm income, and key financial ratios and repayment capacity measures from Schedule F information and beginning and ending balance sheets.

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Comparison of Conventional and Organic Crop Rotations (Spreadsheet Tool)

This spreadsheet compares conventional and organic rotations over a ten-year horizon. Specifically, net returns are compared for a conventional corn/soybean rotation, a conventional corn/soybean/wheat rotation, and an organic corn/soybean/wheat rotation.

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Comparison of Conventional Crop Rotation with an Organic Forage-Based Crop Rotation (Spreadsheet Tool)

This spreadsheet compares conventional crop rotation with an organic forage-based crop rotation over a ten-year horizon.

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Financial Management – Statements & Analysis

Financial Management Series

A series of financial management articles that examine financial statements and financial analysis. Financial management involves the evaluation of liquidity and solvency, financial planning, acquisition and use of financial resources, asset purchases and farm growth, and relationships with agricultural lenders.

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Examining Trends in Liquidity for a Sample of Kansas Farms

This article examined trends in liquidity for a sample of KFMA farms.  Liquidity, measured using the current ratio, has declined substantially since its peak in 2013.

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Cattle Finishing Net Returns in 2020

This article discussed recent trends in feeding cost of gain, the feeder to fed price ratio, breakeven prices, and cattle finishing net returns. Average cattle finishing losses in 2019 were estimated to be approximately $80 per head. Average losses for 2020 are projected to be approximately $85 per head.

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